• Lack of Energy
  • Feeling Tired all the Time
  • Digestive Problems.

Could there be a connection with Osteoporosis?

A report by Mike Finding

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It is not claimed to be a definitive work, but meant as a testimonial from my own research to show what can be done with a little perseverance and desire to feel better!

I do not prescribe any cures, potions and lotions and I do not guarantee any statements made. The use of ANY products or produce that may be mentioned is purely voluntary and results are very personal. The fact that many people get great results is evident and you can take from that what you will!!

The information in this report has been gathered in good faith and is NOT meant as a diagnostic tool. It is for your interest only. If you suspect that anything contained herein may apply to you, please seek medical advice from a qualified practitioner or your own doctor.

There is also likely to be a discrepancy in the numerical facts as time goes by. This has been written in May 2010 and as far as I can ascertain the figures are as correct as possible at the time of writing.

Certainly if things don’t improve the figures WILL change.

Best wishes to you for great health

The Silent Epidemic – Osteoporosis

There is NO real reason to be seriously ill! Grand statement there, but it is a fact that proper nutrition, exercise and care of the immune system will prevent the majority of illnesses. It is a sad fact that the medical profession, historically, has not been used to including nutrition as part of the teaching supplied.

Now – this MAY be changing with some private specialists and practices, but it is still a common practice to dish out a drug to combat a symptom, rather than dig down to the cause of a problem.

Is that a bit harsh?

Maybe, but drugs are NOT naturally compatible with the human condition! Doctors don’t have time to get to the bottom of a problem and get to the source due to pressures of work and the large numbers of people needing an appointment. People take the doctors word as gospel – it saves thinking for themselves and human nature being what it seems to be, they don’t seem to care either.

It takes a bit of effort to think for oneself.

Listen to Dr Bender, a qualified doctor, who realised that his own sister got remarkable results in a totally different way to his recommendations. Click here!

There is a fairly simple way of thinking on promoting individual good health.However, most people will be quite happy to take the line of least resistance and go with the flow ….tomorrow is another day – I’ll do something about it then…maybe…..

Advertising is a key to the way we live today – promoting fast / junk food, sweet fizzy drinks, and the personal care products that have really poor, potentially unsafe ingredients despite the glamorous star names that promote them!!

The increased use of computers and gaming by the younger people mean they are leading more sedentary lives and a severe lack of exercise along with the huge intake of junk food and ready meals is leading to a very unfit / obese younger generation.

This should be reversed as soon as possible but this is really unlikely with the large financial stakes already involved! It is increasingly up to the individual to take charge of their own health and lives.

How is it that in many under-developed cultures that have NOT had interference from the Western civilisation there is very little illness, as we know it.

The fact that they use TOTALLY natural products and crops has a real meaning for keeping these people well. It is historically true that the less developed cultures that come into contact with the Western way of life often become sicker as a result..

This is really just a short report on one condition that is becoming all TOO common: Osteoporosis. The disease of the older woman and pregnant ladies is now becoming prevalent in ALL ages.

Why should that be?

Some of the known facts (at the time of writing):

  • Every 3 minutes someone has a fracture in the UK
  • People with Osteoporosis are getting younger
  • 1:3 women will get it and 1:12 men, it isn t only women, men are getting it now (as illustrated by my own experience). 1:12 is probably out of date now possibly nearer 1:6!!!
  • There are more deaths following a hip fracture than ovarian cancer

Osteoporosis is preventable NOT normal.

When I heard this statement I was shocked:

If you are elderly and go to A&E with a fracture, they will leave you and put you down the list in favour of a younger person. Also now if you are overweight or smoke they are less likely to treat you (quickly).

I think that is probably a good enough reason for prevention than treatment!

There have now been articles in the national press where younger people were bone tested and for example a 30 year old had the bones of an 80 year old.

Another article showed women with age examples below

  • 54yr old – bone age of an 18 year old
  • 30yr old – bone age of an 80 year old
  • 18yr old – bone age of a 30 year old already

The 54 year old was growing up when there was less of the junk food and more natural food produce was available and more exercise was taken. The situation has been getting progressively worse.

Some of the reasons for Osteoporosis

Anorexia, alcohol, cancer, chemotherapy, coeliac disease, Cushing’s disease, early menopause, early hysterectomy, hyperthyroidism, liver disease, hypopituitarism, lung disease, steroids, smoking, rheumatoid arthritis…

If you are on high blood pressure tablets for any length of time, you probably need treatment for osteoporosis.

Other Risk Factors (no set order)

  • Poor Nutrition: is now considered the No1 risk factor (as it is with all illness).
  • Genetic
  • Hormones: early menopause or hysterectomy
  • Lack of Vit D
  • Body builders, too much protein
  • Low Physical Activity: if too little exercise the blood will not circulate sufficiently; bones are a living thing and need to be fed.
  • Ethnicity: particularly if people are covered up all the time and get no sun on their body. Smoking can lead to 66% low bone density
  • Steroids, if you are taking them for more than 3 months they will start leaching the minerals out of your body
  • Pregnancy: a baby will take from the mother everything it wants to the detriment of the mother (how good were her bones before she became pregnant.)
  • Eating disorders
  • Malabsorption: if your gut isn’t functioning properly, food nutrients will not be absorbed efficiently. (IBS and poor digestive function)
  • Thyroid problems: burn up bone metabolism
    • Your bone growth and development rises sharply in infant years and again at adolescence (puberty), in adulthood this levels off and then in the later years, 50 onwards, gradually declines naturally. But that doesn’t mean to say you naturally get osteoporosis.

More men are getting osteoporosis; again this is generally linked to diet.

People talk of shrinking in old age, this is when the spine starts to deteriorate and a person starts to bend forwards.

Not only is this a sign of osteoporosis, but it often leads to other illnesses as the spine bending forwards puts pressure on other organs.

The lungs get compressed and the chest and stomach get pushed forwards.

So there are a lot of other things that can lead on from osteoporosis; breathing problems, bladder, bowel, etc.

Life after a Hip fracture can be very difficult:

  • 50% require assisted living
  • 20% die within 1year
  • 79% die within 5 years

Therefore: would you think that prevention just might be a good idea?

Often someone will get a fracture, which needs 6 weeks to heal, by which time they have had another fracture; and on and on. It is a fact in hospital that the patient will be marked down as likely to visit within a year.

Osteoporosis is now a growing threat to more people than ever.

Not only is the rise in male osteoporosis progressing it is becoming a real problem in our children. NO LONGER is it a problem just for older and pregnant women.

It is a silent epidemic that is spreading.

Fizzy drinks, food lacking full nutrient content, lack of sufficient minerals in the CORRECT BALANCE (calcium alone will NOT put it right and could cause more complications), sedentary lives…..it’s all out there and happening but generally people will disregard back pain, aches, tiredness as “just a hectic lifestyle” and no thought is given to the possible onset of osteoporosis.

Why would we, if we don’t know about it?

In a survey in USA they tested 1000 13yr olds and they ALL had osteoporosis. A lot of this is to do with poor diet and increasing use fizzy drinks and lack of exercise, which have a very bad effect on the bones.

For more information get in touch with a practitioner that understands the nutritional implications with Osteoporosis.

Who is at risk of Osteoporosis?

Everyone is at risk now

  • Women: 1:3
  • Men 1:9
  • 90% of the younger people now at risk
  • A test in USA of 1000 13 year olds ALL had osteoporosis
  • Post-menopausal women
  • Family history of osteoporosis
  • Steroid medication
  • Early hysterectomy
  • Anorexia
  • Alcoholism
  • Certain diseases also cause excess bone loss cancer, kidney problems thyroid disorders, high blood pressure, and coeliac malabsorption syndromes (IBS, Crohns…)
  • Younger children, teenagers and young men, increasingly more prevalent these days due to poor diet, lack of exercise, too many sweets and fizzy drinks.
  • Osteoporosis no longer just the threat for older women!!
  • One thousand 13 year old children in USA found to have osteoporosis

What are just a few of the symptoms?

Constant tiredness, Aches and pains for no particular reason, Fibromyalgia

Prevention is far better than cure – 20 minutes walking per day is an excellent way to increase bone mass.

Supplements are vital these days as nearly all our food is low in the vital nutrients especially minerals… That is a separate subject that I will deal with elsewhere in another report.

Interesting fact: A practitioner was in a health club testing all the body builders. While she was there two men were having an arm wrestling contest…..one guy’s bone snapped!

Why…? Too much protein in their diet: i.e. red meat to build muscle etc….and no supplementation.

All the body builders had low bone density……..and they weren’t very happy people…

How can you combat the onset of Osteoporosis?

A complete gut cleanse, the addition of a very powerful and well absorbed mineral solution along with several other supplements could be very helpful.

We really should ALL use good, effective supplements now, even if you eat a balanced diet.


Dr. Linus Pauling – 2 time Nobel Prize Laureate – “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

Dr Gary Price-Todd – MD and Best Selling Author“Our bodies need at least 60 minerals each day in order to maintain a disease and ailment free state.”

The fruit and veg we eat is, unfortunately, not as well stocked with minerals and vitamins as it used to be 50 years ago. Click here to see why we ALL need minerals.

Even using organic fruit and vegetables might not be totally suitable as a precaution. It is a well-known fact that much (not all!) of the organic produce in the high street shops and supermarkets are not really organic for various reasons!

That is yet another topic!

Much of the produce is a LOT older than you think, being kept fresh by artificial means. It pays to seek out a real organic supplier that is not controlled by a large organisation and just see the difference when you buy and use the produce.

Generally you will find that the proper organic food will store longer and stay fresher longer as well. Very often we have found that a fresh lettuce from a supermarket is going very limp and discoloured in a very short time while a proper organic version will last twice, maybe three to four times longer when both are stored properly….and taste a whole lot better!! Some say that it is expensive. Ok, but how can that really be if you have to throw away a cheaper version in quicker time?

I would also ask – how cheap do you consider your life and health to be? How often do you use take-away and junk food and drink? How much of the cost of the junk food would pay for really GOOD produce?

What can be and often IS done?

  1. Doctors will give you HRT and other drugs, these do not increase bone density, they may just stop it from getting worse.
  2. You are doubling your risk of cancer with some of them.
  3. It takes 10 years to get a 3% increase in bone density.
  4. They are not curing osteoporosis, just stopping it from deteriorating.
  5. Some drugs you have to sit upright for a while after taking them, if you are elderly and bedridden perhaps you cannot sit upright. These drugs will then burn the oesophagus and could lead to cancer. Also they tell you not to drink too much water!!

BUT what can YOU do?

  1. A good, effective mineral supplement will go to the bone and it will improve, it may take 18mth-2yr, but if you think it took a while for bones to get bad, it will take a while for them to build back up again. You would need a reliable well-absorbed plant derived mineral solution more than the standard 15ml a day dose. Perhaps twice or three times a day. Check with a qualified practitioner’s advice and thoughts on this – it’s NOT just me saying this!!! Details of products are available – get in touch for more information. OR just click here to see more.
  1. Alcohol, tea, coffee, sugar, fizzy drinks – the body cannot process these and so it will allow leaching of minerals out of the bones.
  2. Body builders, have large amounts of protein, sometimes steroids, and at the same time although very strong muscularly, have very weak bones. (proved in bone scans) Think of a male gorilla that is huge and very strong, he is a vegetarian!
  3. Exercise: you need to exercise, it doesn’t have to be vigorous, just enough to move the blood around to keep the bones supplied with nutrients. Think of the muscles moving and the body working while you are walking and the blood flow increasing, even just strolling. So try to walk for 20 minutes 3 times a week.
  4. Improve your diet, drink lots of water.
  5. Be happy, don’t be stressed and unhappy! When stressed the body releases hormones which take minerals out of the bones.

 Minerals for health


Vitamins will not work without a good
plant derived mineral supplement


BE AWARE that metallic Minerals are NOT absorbed by the body. MAYBE 20% max compared to 100% absorbed using PLANT DERIVED minerals.

Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium, Boron, Vit D

  1. Some people think that just taking calcium will help. Unfortunately not; the body then thinks it has an excess of calcium and so starts shedding calcium to bring the body back to balance and so rids the bones of exactly what it needs. Calcium needs magnesium and Vit D to balance and work together.
  2. Improve diet and lifestyle, you need to eat mineral rich foods, this isn’t so easy nowadays as the soil is so over-farmed that most minerals are depleted. So you need to supplement. Minerals are stored in the bones; they are the storehouses of minerals.
  3. Organic food is not the whole answer either if the soil isn’t good enough the vegetables grown on it won’t have a full mineral content.
  4. Milk and dairy food are not important in the prevention of osteoporosis.
  5. Broccoli is highest for anti-cancer, as well as osteoporosis, but can you get children to eat it?
  6. Be wary of food from a supermarket, even if it is organic. Most supermarkets pick food unripe and store it and then it has to have a shelf life and is ripened with gasses.
  7. A lack of magnesium will affect your bones and muscles and make you feel tired and your joints will ache.

Can you redress the balance? Yes, I have!

It’s not that difficult. It takes a will to do something and just a few changes to a daily routine is all you need to consider for a start…

After my wife and I had a bone scan at a meeting, we decided that something needed to be done.

The fact that I scored very low on the bone scan was mainly due to a poor diet for some years and a long term struggle with a poor digestion. This was commonly called the dreaded IBS. That was about all the doctors could summon as a diagnosis so, as most people do, I just went with the flow!

It was only when I challenged someone to prove that the things she was telling us were good for us that things turned round!

I remember it well!! I had met this lady at a business breakfast meeting that I had walked probably a half mile to attend. We all had to get up and talk for one minute about our businesses. This young lady got up and started talking about healthy stuff … I pretty much let it go. I had walked into the meeting after all and so I must be pretty fit!

If you have a really bad digestion and IBS, or worse, this information is for YOU!

Some weeks later we got talking and I said she should talk to my wife as she was far more into this stuff than me. While we were talking some of what she said seemed to make a bit of sense so I said that if she could cure my IBS – we would see what it could do.

Well within a month my energy levels were totally different and I felt SO much better in myself that I realised that I had been running on a very poor system for years!

My bone scan on the next test about one year later had risen 10%!!

So – if you have a really bad digestion and IBS (or worse); if you have broken a bone easily at any time; if you feel tired all the time; if you have aching bones for no apparent reason; if you are generally feeling below par for no reason, you need to do something about it and the sooner the better.

Email me for more information if you think you need help. The earlier that you can address this type of problem set out in this report, the better.

A couple of links here may show why these are well worth looking in to and if you have any questions – or just want to tell me to shut up – please do!!

First off: Why we need to consider these plant minerals.
Second: People’s testimonials from using plant derived minerals a large list I think you would agree!
Third (and last!): Listen to the Doctor and two other very interesting / helpful links in there….

ANY questions, please do get back and I’ll be very pleased to help… As I think I said – we’ll never stop using these! The OTHER thing that you may like to consider – a good income can be made! In a business of your own – but not alone. Plenty of people to help….This goes for anyone you know – family, friends etc.

EVERYONE has the right to be ill! I just have no wish to BE ill!

Believe me, feeling great IS GREAT!

My name is Mike Finding and I would be VERY pleased to help if I can. Thank you for reading.


Mike Finding

Mike Finding






Other Resources:

Natural News: http://www.naturalnews.com/028826_osteoporosis_health.html

Phillip Day, Credence: http://www.credence.org/

Products that may help can be suggested for use but the results will depend on the correct personal use and desire to make a difference by the users. Results are down to individual effort – we do NOT make claims, we pass on information learned and received.

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‘It is the greatest of all mistakes, to do nothing – Sydney Smith

Good Health is NOT Expensive – It’s Priceless

Without Good Health – What Do We REALLY Have?

If you are generally feeling below par, for no apparent reason, this information could be for YOU!

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