Hello – My name is Mike Finding and yes, I do run this website!

mike-finding-twitterI also LOVE that fact that we have a vehicle that could help others to just feel better and enjoy life with better health.

The product we do promote is a plant derived mineral supplement that we have found works so well for us and many others we know.


See the interview above with the man who was told he would be back in a wheel chair by age of 50.

His story is quite a statement of how a natural product helped him survive an aortic aneurysm that was so large, yet totally pain free and didn’t burst to kill him…..

It is well worth a watch

My own testimonial? Just one of many: There was a time I was out regularly, 1, 2 or 3 times a week on the drum stool with a great, locally based driving southern rock, classic rock and a touch of reggae!!

For around ten years I was the drummer with this pretty energetic southern rock / reggae 3 piece band.

A 3 gig weekend and I would have real pain in my wrists and hands – bad playing technique?

Maybe, but it was a good five or six months since starting Sizzling Minerals in January 2014 and I asked milady – “Are these minerals actually doing anything?”

Healthy Planet 2017

You Can Trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency

I then realised that it was a Monday after a FOUR gig weekend and I had no such wrist pain – that seemed to prove that something had changed!

I was also able to get up and about easily on the Monday morning with very much improved energy levels!

My energy levels and “just feeling well” at the age of very nearly 67 are really good and we shall never stop taking the Plant Derived Minerals and other items from Simply Naturals.

MORE Testimonials Here

More information – Call me 07885 076 026 – you might like to read the Healthy Planet 2017 PDF on the top menu area here.

Required Disclaimer

Favourite toon? One of many!

Who am I? Well – I used to be a web designer by day and a drummer by night! My web business, Mike Finding Web Design, (Finding The Time, Web Design!) was involved for quite a lot of years with a number of websites with musical and show connections.

This holds particular interest as I have played drums since the early nineties up til about 12 years ago in the Off The Rails Blues Band! One or two reunion gigs have happened since – all great fun!

Then I was asked to join, and out regularly, 1, 2 or 3+ times a week on the drum stool with a Bridport based band – a locally based driving southern rock, classic rock and a touch of reggae!! I was the drummer with this pretty energetic 3 piece outfit for several years……..

The latest band connected website, at time of writing, is for And Finally run by drummer & musician Tim Harper. The And Finally Phil Collins band is an amazing show to see – get there if you can – even if you don’t really follow Phil Collins’ music! The show is the Number One UK Tribute to Phil Collins!

See the new “And Finally… Phil Collins”  Tour Website here.

Our Hedgehog Houses!

I’m also a keen photographer and I will photograph anything that takes my fancy – no real specialist in any topic to photograph – just as the mood or occasion takes me. I have done band stage photography, theatre photography, portraits, landscape and some UK wildlife – I also love the garden we have as it is invaded by many varieties of birds most of the year! NOW we have hedgehogs visiting!

“I do have a life now, away from web design – it includes family, photography, walking, and drumming (occasionally!) Visits to the West Country as much as possible!

The clip below shows a couple of my heroes!!! (YouTube version) ”

I guess with this slide show you MAY guess our favourite kind of place?!



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  1. Hi Mike

    Gordon from Lincs UK. Just touching base.

    I am already a SN customer and distributor

    Had a great chat to Rex this morning



    01522 688 657

    • Hello Gordon

      Good to hear from you and also good news you’ve been in touch with Rex!

      Bye for now