Just some of the many testimonials for the excellent Sizzling Minerals!

Combat fatigue for flight safety

“Just a note to say I am using the minerals.

As you know I work unusual hours, crossing various time zones so fatigue is part of my life! I take the minerals with me and put one in my bottle of water on long flights. I have one when I wake after night flights. They are definitely helping me feel more alert which is imperative as a safety issue with my job. Also when I am on holiday I have also tried them after the occasional hangover…much healthier than a fry up!

As a product I love the fact that there is no sediment left in the glass after consuming, this is unlike any other soluble minerals I have used. The tablets which are individually wrapped and small are easy to keep with me whilst flying.

One more thing, the cabin crew girls also enjoy sizzling minerals and are always commenting about how their nails grow and look much better. This is in addition to the other benefits.

Cheers see you on a flight sometime!”

Steve, British Airways Pilot

More Energy and Nails are stronger

Within a few days of taking the minerals, I was able to get up much earlier in the mornings and feel wide awake upon waking. I feel that my head is now attached to my body, regardless of how many hours sleep I have had. I have double the amount of energy now and can get so much more done during the day. I also have noticed that my nails are stronger. There have been numerous bugs going around recently  and I have found that whilst others are really suffering and having to take time off from work to recover, I have experienced very mild symptoms which have cleared within 48 hours and not requiring me to take time off work. I now couldn’t be without sizzling minerals.

Lisa Alexander

Fighting Fit with Super Immune System!

I work long hours in a high-pressured environment and have a long commute to work.  Before taking sizzling minerals, my schedule was leaving me exhausted and at risk of burnout.  Since starting sizzling minerals I have more energy and have the capacity to push through a demanding 14-hour day and do not have to resort to flopping on the sofa once I get home.  I work in an open plan office and travel by train and bike everyday.  I have witnessed colleagues and friends going down with the usual run of seasonal illnesses and expected to become ill myself.  I am pleased to report that aside from short-lived, minor symptoms, my immune system has kicked off all comers this autumn.  I have always been terrible at taking vitamin supplements.  I reach for the sizzling minerals first thing every morning. The are almost miraculous and I have become an addict.

Barry Alexander

Joints More Supple!

“I am a healthy individual.  Why do I need minerals?  ….  After three months, I realise that I was perhaps not as tip-top as I’d thought.  I notice that my nails are now much stronger and that my hair is in better condition.  I am not a sporty person, but I now find that moving around is rather easier: it appears my joints are more supple.  I have not changed my way of life but I now feel a tremendous sense of well-being.  I zing.  Therefore, I recommend.”

Angela Knapp

20 Years Younger

“I would like to say how thrilled I am with your Sizzling Minerals.

Being an active 83 year old I really didn’t think that there was very much that would benefit my health.

My doctor keeps trying to introduce me to different medications to help me combat some health problems that I have. I really am not, and have never been, a ‘pill popper’ and graciously refused some of these, what I deemed to be, unnecessary additions to my medicine cabinet.

My nephew had been telling me about sizzling minerals for many months and the health benefits that he had gained since taking them. My reluctance to take additional tablets was set and I was convinced that I didn’t need your product, Well, my nephew kept telling me of the improvements to his long term ailments and gave me a ton of information about minerals so I decided to try sizzling minerals.My intention was really to take them for a month or so and then simply say to my nephew that I felt worse or that I didn’t feel any benefit. Well let me now say this. Thank you to my nephew for introducing me to sizzling minerals. I am now on my second month and I have to say I feel like my body clock has been reset by 20 years at least! I now have so much energy during the day that I no longer need my cat naps in the afternoon and I really feel that my general health is significantly better. My doctor is also impressed with my improved health. In fact my blood pressure is normal (for my age) for the first time in many years.

I cannot help but tell everyone about sizzling minerals. I understand now why my nephew is so passionate about them… I am too.

Thank you”

Betty Williams

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Sizzling Minerals Great Health Benefits

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