Rex Johnson is a holistic health practitioner who has been in practice for around 40 years.

Dr Rex Johnson
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“I have been a  Holistic Health  Practitioner for around 40 years.  Originally from South Africa,  I built up  the largest holistic health practice in the country. I have now been in the UK for 24 years and  built  another practice in  the  South  of Dorset  where Jeannie and I live in a beautiful area of Purbeck countryside.

“We had been involved in Network Marketing for around 18 years with another company and been very successful. When we heard of Simply Naturals and spoke to Peter Willoughby a few times we were highly  impressed by  his vision and integrity. 

“We joined in December 2013 and by January we were so impressed with the product that we started recommending them to everyone.

Rex and Jeannie Johnson - photo

Rex and Jeannie Johnson

“We  are totally inspired by the mission of Simply Naturals which is to get everyone on the Sizzling Minerals and help as many people as possible to improve their health,  wealth and quality of life. 

“We are absolutely convinced that everyone needs to take these unique minerals and are impressed by the positive feedback we have had from those already taking them.

“As qualified life coaches, amongst many other things,  we are dedicated to do everything we can to help and support  everyone.  I focus mainly on speaking with people about health  and Jeannie  concentrates on  the nuts and bolts of the network marketing  side.”

Jeannie Johnson, Rex’s late wife, proved how good nutrition and powerful micro nutrients can help you to over come chronic disease.

Jeannie was a superb networker and the dynamic part of the team. She was dedicated to helping all the people in her team to improve their health, their wealth and their quality of life.

She was also a qualified life coach and  was always positive and optimistic, constantly motivating all those people who called her every day.

“We have a terrific group of people in our team and we feel immensely privileged to be working with them, Peter, Eric and all the fabulous team at head office.”

Dr Rex Johnson Email Rex Here
Phone Rex’s Helpline 01929 556 869

Rex is a practitioner qualified in fifteen different therapies and has treated thousands upon thousands of patients at his clinic. Rex is ideally positioned to share his opinion of this powerful mineral supplement, Plant Derived Minerals.


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  1. Hi Mike, as per our telephone conversation, you asked me to contact you to remind you to change Rex’s contact details.
    Good luck with the business.

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