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We’re only able to assist people in the UK at the moment for receiving the Sizzling Minerals and CBD Balm and drops.

Whilst I would LOVE to be able to help people anywhere, I’m afraid it cannot be done yet.

Please do get in touch if you wish to consider using these products – as I have said MANY times, we’ll never stop using them!!

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We have also found that the mail system, beginning with g, will not be received – we assume that go#!le mail think our information is not suitable and so if you use that system, you may well not receive…..?

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I am afraid that the sign up for newsletters is deactivated due to a LOT of abuse of the system.

We DO have a Newsletter Archive that I will link out here.

Please do take a moment to see the newsletters that have been added as posts on the website.

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Please Note – Due to a HUGE amount of rubbish being sent thro’ the “contact us” form, I have removed it for now.

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Mike Finding.

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