Your Digestive System Dictates Whether You’re Sick or Well

I KNOW this only too well!! I was a very poor eater once upon a time….the usual thing – quick meals that were not thought about. Fry ups and take outs….all combined over time to give a real touchy digestive system!

Your Digestive System Dictates Whether You’re Sick or Well

For years I kept this up and it was only when I was at a business meeting that I heard ANY information about healthy ways to eat / live and the like.

Did I take any notice? NO! I did not and it was only when the young lady involved with “healthy stuff” came up and introduced herself. We got chatting and although I was not really understanding some of the information we were discussing, I suggested that we meet up at home, as my lady was far more into this than me!

The discussion that followed started to make sense! I realised that I MIGHT just have an answer somewhere here for my bad digestion and said to the young lady “If you can sort out my digestion problems, I’m interested.”

Well – five months or so later I was feeling SO much better that I could not quite believe the difference!

Since then I have been careful what I eat and it has been a great boost to energy, feeling well and with one or two bonuses! Neither my lady or I are as prone to colds and flu as we used to be!

Ok – we MAY feel that something is “having a go” and we feel a bit rough for a short while, but our immune systems are stronger now than they have ever been, and consequently I can say that the usual colds and flu and other things like sore throats do not get a hold. In fact mentioning sore throats – I don’t remember tha last time I even HAD one!

Don’t get me wrong here – I’m no saint when it comes to food – I will eat very occasional junk food…I just don’t enjoy it as I used to.

Energy used to be a big problem for me – in fact the children used to joke at me falling asleep in the evenings in front of the TV – “Hah! Dad’s asleep again!” That MAY happen if we’ve been busy, but certainly NOT as a regular occurrence.

Morning energy slumps: A thing of the past now – we have a great breakfast recipe that holds energy up well into the afternoon and beyond! That web page shows the recipe and I can recommend it!

Now – the thing that prompted this post – an article on

Your Digestive System Dictates
Whether You’re Sick or Well

You can probably guess from the stuff above why that caught my attention!

By Dr. Mercola

More and more, science is finding that teeny tiny creatures living in your gut are there for a definite purpose. Known as your microbiome, about 100 trillion of these cells populate your body, particularly your intestines and other parts of your digestive system.

In fact, 90 percent of the genetic material in your body is not yours, but rather that of bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms that compose your microflora.

True, some of these bacteria can make you sick; for example, the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases recently found Crohn’s Disease may be caused by immune responses to certain gut microbiota.

But the majority are good, and they work together as helpmates to aid your digestive system and keep you well. Beneficial bacteria, better known as probiotics, along with a host of other microorganisms, are so crucial to your health that researchers have compared them to “a newly recognized organ.” For example, we now know that your microflora influence your:

  • Genetic expression
  • Immune system
  • Brain development, mental health, and memory
  • Weight, and
  • Risk of numerous chronic and acute diseases, from diabetes to cancer

According to the featured article in Time Magazine:1

“Our surprisingly complex internal ecology has been a hot topic in medicine lately. Initiatives such as the Human Microbiome Project2, an extension of the Human Genome Project, have been working tirelessly to probe potential links between the human microbiota and human health, and to construct strategies for manipulating the bacteria so that they work with us rather than against us.

…They’ve been linked to a range of nasty conditions, including obesity, arthritis, and high cholesterol. Now, two newer areas of research are pushing the field even further, looking at the possible gut bug link to a pair of very different conditions: autism and irritable bowel disease.”

Microflora Being Investigated to Ascertain Links with Autism and IBS

This is precisely what Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride‘s work centers around, and her Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) nutritional plan is designed to reestablish proper gut flora in order to heal and seal your gut – thereby reversing and eliminating ailments running the gamut from autism, ADD/ADHD, learning disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, just to name a few possibilities. It’s exciting to see science is starting to take this more seriously, as autism has reached epidemic proportions….More here

When you have had a read of that one take a look here at the information I have here about a product called Probiotics (they are now sold under a different name – Protozymes), but they are fundamental to the benefits available with good gut health. There is also a CD set while stocks last – on this link.

If you have any questions do contact us here….


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