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Minerals Are Needed For Optimum Health

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Minerals Are Needed For Optimum Health

“Our health is our most precious asset. It would seem that one of the most common causes of most illnesses including heart disease, cancer and diabetes as well as premature ageing is acidosis.

Your acid alkaline level needs to be around 7.4 to maintain optimum health. To do this we need to eat around 80 percent alkaline foods and 20 percent acid forming foods.

Unfortunately most of our diets are the reverse.

The only really alkaline foods are fruit and vegetables, everything else is acid forming.

Plant derived minerals not only strengthen the immune system and help the absorption of other nutrients, they also alkalise the blood.

We need to help people to understand just how imperative it is to take these minerals, to maintain the correct pH of the body and maintain optimum health.”

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Dr Rex Johnson

*** Minerals Are Needed For Optimum Health ***

THAT is the message and I believe it to be so important for all who care to know to be informed about this. I hope you feel the same way.

“A Wise Man Ought To Realise That Health Is His Most Valuable Possession”

To ADD to your potential bodily defence there is, as we have said many times – just one very helpful item we have available for everyone who cares to consider it – Plant Derived Minerals and they work exceptionally well!

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