Three Very Useful Resources

A GREAT source of totally SAFE and EFFECTIVE personal care and nutritional products! Click here for instant access.


Web sites and links we feel may provide information that can help you to find good researched and practical advice on pretty much ANY condition you care to name!!

Phillip Day and Credence

The Campaign for Truth in Medicine founder introduces the current EClub with a quick summary of the latest news and views from around the world. A long-standing feature of the monthly bulletin we call Eclub, ‘Up Close and Personal’ is now in streaming video for an even easier to digest overview of what’s in store.

Chris Woollams and Canceractive


Welcome to CANCERactive, your number one alternative source of intelligent information on cancer. We cover the important stories the other charities can miss out, like well researched information on Complementary cancer therapies and Alternative cancer therapies not just orthodox ones; and the latest news on all the causes of cancer and cancer prevention. We’re a real second opinion to help you beat cancer.

We help people build Integrated cancer therapy programmes (sometimes called holistic cancer programmes) – using the best of the best –  which some doctors believe can increase your personal odds of cancer survival by up to 60 per cent.

Rob Verkerk and the Campaign for Natural Health

The Alliance for Natural Health is a not-for-profit organisation representing a rapidly growing alliance of consumers, medical doctors, alternative health practitioners, health food companies, sustainable farming and other interests committed to developing a new, sustainable paradigm in healthcare that is fully compatible with nature, the human body and other biological systems.

Three excellent places to start your searches….

Do get in touch if you can’t find what you need…..we may be able to find the answers for you

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