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Good day to you!

Another week goes by and I cannot believe what we now have available for you to see!

A quick update, if I may?

Simply Naturals as a company is not allowed to give testimonials and the like. However – as users of the plant minerals and other products – we can!

With that in mind some of the folks who use the minerals and other products have put together a new brochure that says SO much about what these can do for people and why we do what we do.

We are in our late sixties. YES! Reaching the big 70!! Having been using Plant derived minerals since around 2014 (when we were young things!!!) we have really never felt better and our energy in general is superb (ok – yes for our age!!) and our recovery time if we’ve been busy and energetic with gardening, walking etc – is really very good.

See the testimonial below!

83 Year Old Says “No Thanks” to Doctor
“I would like to say how thrilled I am with your Sizzling Minerals. Being an active 83 year old I really didn’t think that there was very much that would benefit my health. My doctor keeps trying to introduce me to different medications to help me combat some health problems that I have. I really am not, and have never been, a ‘pill popper’ and graciously refused. I have to say I feel like my body clock has been reset by 20 years at least! I now have so much energy during the day that I no longer need my cat naps in the afternoon and I really feel that my general health is significantly better. My doctor is also impressed
with my improved health. In fact my blood pressure is normal (for my age) for the first time in many years. I cannot help but tell everyone about sizzling minerals. I understand now why my nephew is so passionate about them… I am too. Thank you”

psoriasis relief
An example sent in from someone else showing just how this can work!

Betty Williams – Manchester

Suffered Psoriasis for 20 Years

“Over the past 20 years I have suffered from psoriasis on various parts of my body including elbows, face, scalp and patches on the stomach and back. I have had many flare ups over the years which have resulted in hospital treatment by dermatologists. I have been semi controlling my psoriasis by a daily application of coal tar solutions and very greasy moisturisers, which was frankly a very time consuming and smelly process and not very nice for my partner.

I was introduced to Sizzling Minerals, I was very sceptical at first as I have tried just about everything to try and get rid of this embarrassing skin condition, but I gave it a go as the cost of the product was so small. In just the 3 weeks of taking the minerals I have been truly amazed at the results, my face is completely clear, my elbows are clear and the patches on my body have become much flatter and not as red, so I think it is only a matter of time before I am free from psoriasis for good.

James Stallard – Doncaster

We are of the same mind as Betty, with regard to doctors, drugs and the like.

I may well have said this before but a while ago I was drummer in a rock, reggae, funk band! Superb fun and VERY energetic. I used to find that after a 3 or 4 gig weekend I was done for and my hands & wrists would hurt! Just a bit!!

We had been on the Sizzling Minerals for around 6 months and I said to my lady “Are these doing anything?”

I then realised that we had just done a 4 gig weekend and my wriste were not hurting and had not for some while! It was the Monday morning and I was up and about – not at all tired…..

SO – THAT is why I have sent on two attachments today (attachments in the text below – please allow time to load!!). When it’s raining again, take a moment to just see what these could mean for you and people you know. Please do feel free to pass on the two pdfs to anyone that you think they may help and see what people say.


Samples available now:

Many people are wondering just what the plant derived minerals are!

Well, we have samples and are pleased to be sending them out to anyone who wants to see what all the fuss is about!

These natural products are having a huge beneficial effect on a LOT of people who have started to take them – would they be something that you would like to try?

We will be pleased to send you a sample and an information booklet – no charge, just click here to send a request.

I think that’s enough, for now. Have a most excellent weekend coming up!

Many thanks, have a most excellent weekend!

Bye for now

Mike Finding :: 07885 076 026

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Combat Fatigue for Flight Safety
As you know, I work unusual hours, crossing various time zones so fatigue is part of my life! I take the minerals with me and put one in my bottle of water on long flights. I have one when I wake after night flights. They are definitely helping me feel more alert which is imperative as a safety issue with my job. One more thing, the cabin crew girls also enjoy Sizzling Minerals and are always commenting about how their nails grow and look much better. This is in addition to the other benefits. Cheers see you on a flight sometime!
Steve, British Airways Pilot








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