The Real Deal About Probiotics

Probiotics – they really CAN do wonders for you and your immune system! However I came across this email in my inbox and Alex Ortner confirms my thoughts about the supermarket versions!

This is from Alex Ortner of Raw for Thirty Days

It’s amazing to see just how many probiotic products can be found in your local supermarket these days. Banana-nutmeg yogurts, guava-grape kefirs, even gourmet chocolate bars – all probiotic. It’s a bit surprising, as it wasn’t too long ago that finding a great probiotic meant rummaging through a tucked-away fridge in the back corner of your tiny, local health food store.

It shouldn’t be that shocking, however. These days, it only takes a celebrity mentioning they use a particular product to ignite a fad of epic proportions, with magazines at the supermarket checkout touting them as miracle cure-alls.

This can have some unfortunate side effects:

  1. It’s not long before the supermarket is littered with inferior products solely produced to capitalize on the craze.
  2. People genuinely looking to improve their health often miss out on the wonderful benefits the best of these foods have to offer.
  3. In the case of probiotics, many of the products on the market deliver such small benefits that it’s best to leave them on the shelf. Does that mean you should avoid probiotics altogether?

Absolutely not; it’s simply a matter of determining what really works.

Probiotics 101

First, a quick recap: as you might know, your gut is home to a tiny galaxy of miracle organisms called microflora that help you digest the food you eat, produce vitamins and strengthen your immune system. Unfortunately…

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Alex Ortner

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