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Good Health a Valuable Possession
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Well now! What does “Take Good Choices” Mean?

Hello and I hope the weekend was a good one for you?

Earlier today I read a quote by the great Jim Rohn and it really says just why we send out these newsletters in the hope that some people may just see what we’re on about!!!

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”
Jim Rohn

HOW true is that?

Good health is not Good Luck and it needs to be worked at! You either just ‘go with the flow’ or hope for the best, OR you get out of that comfort zone and learn what is really going on out there these days.

Lately we have been helping a lady we have known for years – she is not well but relies on the doctor’s surgery as a place where you can get a ‘pill for any illness’ – a “simple option”, but is it really the best option?

The ‘pill for any illness’ just takes care of the symptoms, but not necessarily the real cause of an illness. The underlying causes are rarely looked at in the doctor’s surgery for reasons we can see at another time.

DON’T ever think we are knocking the doctors – they work hard and try to help SO many people now and it must be a never ending saga. If you have been injured in accidents and broken bones etc, the health services are superb – best in the world.

We have learnt that good health is basically down to what we eat! Poor nutrition, toxins from a plethora of cleaning and personal care products are having a huge effect on how the human race is able to be well.

Countries that do NOT use the “Western diet” do not have the illness levels that are rife in western life.

The sad thing is – most people do not care!

People, like you, are beginning to educate and think for themselves. They are deciding  to do something and not put up with sub-optimal health and feeling below par…….

I read in a booklet a while ago:

“We expect peak performance from our cars, investments etc, so why expect less from our bodies, our most precious asset.”

Without good health we have nothing.

To get peak performance we have to spend some time, get some education, use some energy and some money and put some work in to get the best performance.

THAT is what happens to get the top results with a performance car, a racehorse and even as a sportsperson.

If you make a Good Health Decision before a crisis occurs, then effects of a crisis might well then be minimized.

What to Look For?

Look for adverse lifestyle factors and change them as far as possible. Give the body the real raw ingredients for performance – use clean water & salt for proper hydration, effective natural organic foods where possible, proper supplements (beware many “cheap” high street varieties), including plant derived mineral supplements (click to view a video) and antioxidants that the body can use to best effect to stay healthy.

While you’re looking – take a look at the free report we send out on a signup to this newsletter.

As well as nutrition – we have to take account for the environmental pollution and chemical toxin intrusion in our lives – the beauty industry has a LOT to answer to with all the really bad chemical ingredients it uses in the name of health and beauty

Some life factors cannot be avoided, but giving the body the best support can help minimize any adverse effects.

If you take a bit of trouble to investigate – these more suitable resources can be found.

If it’s something you are interested in looking for – there is a LOT of good information available from people like Phillip Day who you may have been looking for if you landed in the Healthy Homes Club site.

There are quite a number of potentially useful links above in that bit of this newsletter.

However I want to also just relate a very short tale!
A while ago from the time of writing this, I was out and off to play a gig down in the West Country, an hour and a half journey. During the days up to that evening I had found a CD set we had bought, called Healing in the Home by Phillip Day. I know you may have found us because we promote his work in the Healthy Homes Club site.

To say the least this Healing in the Home CD just made me sit up and concentrate!

It was bringing back to mind all the stuff we had learned over the years and allowed to slip to the back of the mind.

The CD was called:

Healing in the Home.
From cuts to grazes to heart disease and cancer,
what science says you can do yourself!

I would urge you to go to Phillip’s site and check the Video/Audio link in the left menu, look for the Healing in the Home CD and get it down to you.

Phillip Day has a way of getting right to the point and explaining things just “the way they are”!

Phillip Day UK Health Reporter & Researcher

“The huge rise in the incidence of cancer and other degenerative diseases is primarily due to the depleted vitamin/mineral content in today’s western diet coupled with environmental /chemical toxin factors. The cancer prevention message is extremely important. Prevention IS the best cure.

Turning off the nutritional deficiency with good quality vitamins and minerals of high absorbability ensures the body has the raw materials to maintain or rebuild health. To combat this very real health threat, vitamin and mineral supplementation of these vital factors is not some quaint health fad.

It is quite literally a matter of life and death – yours and mine.”

A couple of videos that would be well worth watching as a good starter to better health help for anyone you know are linked below:

WHY we do what we do! The depletion of the soil and therefore the lower quality of food. The Mineral Video.

The Simply Story: you will hear the story of how these things saved a man’s life – it’s quite a story! We have met Peter a couple of times and when he told his story at a meetingwe knew we were on to something excellent – not just the product, but the company as well

Ok – enough from me today! Go have an excellent week

Very best to you

Bye for now

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