Summer on the way? Could be!

Hello and I hope you’re enjoying the “occasional” good weather!

  • Do you know anyone who may be “under the weather”; anyone who might just want to try another way to feel better?

  • Do YOU need a way to just start “Feeling Better”? How about loved ones?

  • There may just be a way!!

A couple of evenings ago we went to a meeting to see more information about Sizzling Plant Minerals. While we were there the directors of the Simply company arrived and the guv’nor, Peter Willoughby, got up to tell his story.

All I ask in this newsletter is that you take a moment to see and listen to the few links below.

The Simply Story – it’s just that! How one man survived a horrendous accident as a young man and was told on his recovery that he should expect to be in a wheel chair by age of 30.

I am not even going to TRY to explain – please listen to the Simply Story below. You may find it enlightening as we did, yet again the other evening.



The Mineral Video – WHY we need to consider this at all.

The Simply StoryAn interview with the man who started this and how he could have died without using this kind of product. He also confounded people who said he would be in a wheelchair at around 30 years old…

The Doctor Says Audio – qualified American doctor realises just what is what.. it is quite an eyeopener….and well worth a listen!

My own unexpected testimonial!

You need proof? Fair enough – see the testimonials on this link



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