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21st October 2017

Hello and I hope all well with you?

We have just received a newsletter showing a couple of REALLY good links that I would like to pass on you.

We have previously mentioned Mr Peter Willoughby – the CEO of Simply Naturals. He has recently been on two TV shows and we have the links to recordings!

Why we Do What We Do: A few years ago we met Mr Willoughby at a local meeting. His story confirmed to us that we were doing the right thing in using these plant derived mineral supplements.

That is really the reason we run this newsletter and promote the products – all totally natural and compatible with the human body – SO many testimonials have been sent in and there is one below.

Do also see the Mineral Sample section below and if you use that I will be pleased to send them on.

From The Simply Head Office: Recently our CEO Peter Willoughby was invited to Spain by Rev Dr. Felicity Corbin- Wheeler, host of a health information TV programme called “Get Well Stay Well” which runs on Revelation TV.  This channel is a multi-award winning TV channel which broadcasts via Sky TV and other media to the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Felicity is an important ambassador for our Simply products and interviewed Peter for two shows which were viewed by thousands of Sky TV viewers; both of the shows have received excellent feedback.

We are pleased to be able to share these videos with you so you in turn can share them with everyone around you – a fantastic way to help educate everyone about plant derived minerals.

Here are the links:

Peter Willoughby, Get Well Stay Well Episode 1

Link:   Episode 1



Peter Willoughby, Get Well Stay Well Episode 2

Link:   Episode 2



Customer Success Stories:

I am currently half way through my fourth batch of Sizzling Minerals. When I began taking them I had several muscular complaints, such as, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Plantar Fasciitis & discomfort caused by a Slipped Disc. I also had difficulty sleeping and lacked energy.

Everything has been reversed, I’ve not felt better in a long time. I would recommend Sizzling Minerals to anybody in good or bad health. To ensure that you are getting the correct levels of minerals and the right type of minerals is important in maintaining the high level of nutrients required to maintain excellent health.  Robert Bagrie


Health Tip of the Month

Of all the minerals we need on a daily basis the most important is magnesium.  Unfortunately, it is also the one which is most deficient in our diet.  A deficiency of magnesium can lead to a whole range of symptoms ranging from osteoporosis to cramps, insomnia, nervous debility, cardiac arrhythmia and many others.

The idea that we get enough from our food is long forgotten as we do not eat enough green leafy vegetables such as broccoli in which it is found and there are virtually no minerals left in the soil anyway.

Fortunately, the new formula Sizzling Minerals contain 200 milligrams of magnesium as well as the other minerals & trace elements which are essential for the absorption of the magnesium. We can be guaranteed that we are getting the best possible form of magnesium in the best possible combination. Dr Rex Johnson, Senior Manager

Minerals Samples

Don’t forget that we have a no charge sample system that you can send on to us, or pass that information on to someone you think may like to see what is out there….Click here to send a sample request – these will be sent, no charge! (I’m sorry but we can only send to UK & Ireland addreses at the moment)

If you know anyone who you feel would like to see these two TV shows, please do feel free to pass this on….

I hope you found that information – and the TV Shows – helpful. Maybe you have just been wondering if you should try the minerals. Personally – we will never stop them!

See the full range of products right here!

Bye for now

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