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Help for Colds and Flu

Good day to you and I hope I find you well?

It’s certainly been a while since I last wrote – my apologies…. and first off, I really hope that 2015 has started well for you.

I HAVE been a bit slow getting “pen to paper” – the band has been a rather busy situation over the holiday period and has surprised us all at the number of gigs we’ve had in the first month of the year. It’s usually a very quiet month! Anyway – mustn’t grumble, it’s been good fun and of course there has been the usual web work we have coming in….

Now – winter in all its guises has descended. Does it hold the fear of getting ill for you and people you know? It is the time when we hear the coughs and sneezes and general complaints of not feeling well. I have lost count of the times at gigs that we see people out who are either recounting tales of illness and others who certainly seem to be suffering…..AND out spreading it about!!

I guess the general thought would be – “well it’s the time of year and we’re bound to get summat!”

IS that really the case though? Do we HAVE to suffer the rigours of colds and flu?

I would venture to suggest – NOT necessarily. And I do NOT mean get the flu shot and all will be well….. These vaccines have their own problems and the number of articles out on the HHC website can give more information on THAT if you wish to see them. Funny enough – I recently spoke to a lady who had been in hospital. They suggested she needed the flu vaccine. She was ill for weeks after that and swore never to have the vaccine again….

(You might like to see a book by Dr Tim O’Shea – Vaccination is not Immunization. See the Amazon description below)

No – I mean – “Build Your Own Resistance / Immunity”. It is quite possible to help yourself, if you give your body the right conditions, and you can go through a winter period with little or no problem from sore throats, colds and flu. I have to say – we have done that for a number of years now…..

How? Start off by using good and really effective supplements that can begin to build the body’s own barriers and resistance to most illness. There is one real help to get this under way. Use a true plant derived mineral supplement and this can start the procedure body to re-set the conditions inside to build an “inner strength” that can help with all manner of conditions. The human body has a very good reaction if it is given the right conditions.

Be aware that we are told about supplements in the press, on TV ads and in high street shops – these may not be truly plant derived natural products. Many of the mineral supplements sold in high street shops are not plant based but made from – well – ground up rocks and other “inactive” ingredients – these cannot be fully absorbed by the body systems.

As I said here earlier, we have been able to go through winters with no flu and colds for quite some time now – in fact it must be getting on eight plus years now. True, we may feel slightly under the weather but nothing that will stop a day’s work or even a gig! This could last 24 hours but never comes to any full blown problem.

You could do this as well.

  • First, take a look at the video on this site to see what we are talking about regarding plant based minerals.
  • Second, check the Doctor Says audio link on the same page. (This is an American doctor and he really opens up the platform for helping yourself to stay well)
  • Third – order an Autoship of the Sizzling Minerals of your flavour choice and take these for a minimum of 6 to 8 months. Autoship is the cheapest and most efficient way – it can be stopped at any time should you wish.
  • Fourth – check the testimonials for help with many different conditions on the Plant Derived Minerals website
  • Be aware that these plant based minerals work on different people in different ways! Some see / feel a result very quickly, some don’t really FEEL anything necessarily! We were in the latter group, but as time went on we realised that we just felt better, ore energy, more alert, more able to concentrate, joints gradually seemed to be less painful…..
  • These are very good for children
  • Sizzling Minerals are only replacing what we do NOT get in food now and do not affect medication but we do have someone who can advise.

Listen to the Dr. Bender Audio – “Doctor Says” Here about Sub Clinical Disease

Have a listen to what a real medical doctor from the States says


All the very best to you and I hope you find that audio enlightening!

This newsletter is quite long enough! We will try to cover a couple more pointers and ideas in the next newsletter – namely diet and the use of echinacea and allicin (garlic) for more self-help to stay well and away from chemical drugs.

Bye for now, have an excellent week.

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Mike Finding

Take a look at the video and more testimonials on this website.

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Diabetes testimonial:

“Hi everyone, latest update to Den’s story.

Since my last update, Heather, my wife, has put me on two Sizzling Minerals a day. Well I can’t believe what is happening.

I had been taking a daytime insulin dosage of 60, 60, 60 but since taking two minerals a day I have been having hypos, which means that I need to reduce my insulin dosage. I have gradually reduced over the couple of weeks and am now down to 10, 10, 10.

For those of you who are diabetic, you will know that insulin makes you put on weight and makes you ravenous…… MORE HERE!

Vaccination is Not Immunization

Uncertain about whether or not to vaccinate? You won’t be after you read this book. It’s a complete vaccine education – a real page-turner that reads like a heinous crime story, because it is. Dr. O’Shea cites over 300 evidentiary references to straightforwardly expose the fraud, lies, media propaganda, politics and conflicts of interest that infest the vaccination issue and potentially threaten your health and that of your loved ones. Who needs to read this book? Everyone. To know how to respond if a forced vaccination program comes to your town. To know perhaps more than your doctor on the subject (see the chapter about doctors who don’t vaccinate). To know how to opt out of vaccinations (see the chapter “Affidavit of Exemption”). In short, to avoid vaccine damage to yourself or to your child – and if it’s too late, see the detox protocol Dr. O’Shea recommends for vaccine injuries, including autism. – See more at:

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