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all the world's topsoil could be gone within 60 years

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Hopefully a brief heads up on a very serious issue that is a basis for why we try to help people with the Sizzling Minerals and other products..

From Gardeners World Magazine June 2018

New bill to protect UK soil health.

A new agricultural bill will go before Parliament this year to set the first-ever targets on soil health for UK farmers. This follows studies that showed soil in the UK was so depleted of nutrients that there were only an estimated 100 harvests left. A UN official has said that all the world’s topsoil could be gone within 60 years, meaning that the soil will be too deficient in nutrients to grow food – adding that generating just 3cm of topsoil would take 1000 years.

Loss of soil fertility is caused by factors such as intensive farming and overuse of chemicals. Rebecca Pow, Parliamentary Secretary to Environment Ministers, explained that the agricultural bill will have a section on soil health and is likely to set targets to help restore soil health by 2030. The bill will form part of the Government’s 25-year environmental plan, which states that UK soil must be managed sustainably.

Other issues would include the damage to wild-life and other things but as far as we are talking about here – it’s to do with our health and wellness.

In 2014 we were introduced to Sizzling Minerals when a previous product was no longer available.

We started when we saw details about how these plant minerals were helping so many people with so many conditions. The Plant Minerals News website (link below) has a heap of the testimonials and I will already have sent many out – one was in the last newsletter.

The image below is one we have broadcast quite a few times and it is says the same message as that in Gardeners World Magazine.

The Way We Are
Soil Mineral Depletion Graph

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