Re: About Sizzling Minerals and The Opportunity For You

For anyone on our mailing list here at Healthy Homes Club who has looked into the links about the Sizzling Minerals, we have a list of meetings around the UK, set out below, where you can learn more about these exceptional mineral supplements – what they are, what they can do for you and also hear some live testimonials from people using them. (I know some have started to use them and are finding them a great help).

About Sizzling Minerals and The Opportunity For You

These meetings are monthly round the UK and designed to help anyone who is building a business as distributors with Simply Naturals, and for people looking for a change in direction in life. The meetings are also a place where you can learn more about how the Simply Naturals products can help you, and people you know, to possibly deal with health issues.

Down here in Dorset we have Dr Rex Johnson and Jeannie his wife, who run the Wimborne meetings and attendance has been excellent for both the start-up meetings.

Interested in learning more?

Find your local meeting in the list below sent out by Head Office. If you are looking to go to any of these meetings and would like to contact the organisers – email me and I’ll sort out details for you.

Meeting at Merley House in Wimborne, Dorset. Dates Here

Anyone who would like to come in to the Merley House in Wimborne, Dorset, let me know by email and we will meet you there, or we could arrange a local meeting point and go on together. Email me on this link.

Full list of Simply Career Opportunity Presentations will be posted here as we are notified of them

This is where we help you build your business. The main function of the SCOP is for you to bring guests and expose them to the Simply business opportunity. Our presenters and leaders can then do their best to help you sign up your guests as new team members. Regularly bringing guests to SCOPs can seriously increase your income. How many guests are you bringing this time?

Our opportunity meetings are proving to be a resounding success and offer a great way to listen and learn about what others are doing and to hear some great stories of where our minerals have helped others.
Now is the time to round up your team and guests and invite them along.

These presentations last for approximately 1 hour and there is always some valuable ‘mingle’ time afterwards.

**Latest 2015 updates here**

A list of all of our forthcoming meetings can also be found on our Simply Naturals homepage under the heading “Career Opportunities”

I hope you find this of interest and do get in touch if you have any questions.

Bye for now

About Sizzling Minerals and The Opportunity For You

Mike Finding

See the video and read the amazing set of testimonials!


“I am insulin dependent and also have had two heart attacks. My diabetes wasn’t controlling hence I was under the care of the Diabetic Specialist at our local hospital.

Dr Rex Johnson and his wife Jeannie visited me in hospital and left a tube of Sizzling Minerals. I couldn’t take them at the time as I was being fed through the nose….

For all of those who know me well, you will know that I am a bit of a sceptic when it comes to supplements. But I was willing to give them a go. In the following weeks, at my regular cancer check ups with the hospital, the Professor was amazed at my healing and for those who know, diabetics take longer than normal to heal when they have an injury. I was given the all clear with no radio and no chemo.

At my 3 month Diabetic review with the specialist in March 2014 she was astounded at my results, especially as my sugars were out of control in the hospital. She was so amazed with blood, diabetic and weight results that she discharged me from her clinic at the hospital and referred me back to my doctor for 6 monthly checks. The specialist asked me what I was doing different and at this stage I did not admit to taking the Sizzling Minerals. Her words were “whatever you are doing just keep doing it”.

Full Testimonial Here

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