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f We Could Show You How.

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“The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch” – Jim Rohn


The title: If We Could Show You How…..needs finishing!

It should say:

If We Could Show You How…..

Would you take a look?

I just wanted to make a note about something that seems to be happening through the country and worldwide, it seems.

  • Many young people are having problems getting work and housing.

  • Incomes are not too good and everyone is looking for a way to better themselves – well maybe not everyone.

  • Most people with an ounce of self respect will be looking to make things better for themselves and their families.

  • Layoffs are happening everywhere without warning

  • People are actively looking for another way to help with the family bills

So – what happens? Or what COULD happen?

The Entrepreneur Generation?

The Boomerang Generation Goes Home to Mum and Dad

So – How Can They Help the Family Finances?

Boomerang Generation Return Home



As the recession has bitten deeper over the recent years, there is a growing trend of adults, aged between 35 and 45 going home to live with their parents.

There is also a movement of the young adults, 18 to 24, to postpone their move out and those that have moved out are returning home as well.

Whatever the age ranges, it seems that more and more people are moving back home to be with their parents because they cannot manage to live on their own finances.

Housing costs are too large and wages are not likely to keep pace. Jobs are very often a LOT less available with more and more redundancies as time passes.

No matter what we may be told in the news there is always someone, somewhere looking for another way to add to the home finances.

Will this homecoming be a strain on the household budgeting and family finances?

The effect of this movement of people is such that parents, with some level of savings, have to be a family again.

Just as the parents were getting used to having “free” time to themselves, and maybe do what THEY want to do – they find that the young family members have to be planned for yet again to some level.

This is likely to strain household budgeting and savings, especially if the young person has no job and income.

That is one gloomy outlook!!

BUT – Anyone can add to the average household income, if they made a decision to just DO IT!

These days it is QUITE possible for anyone, with ANY kind of desire to improve, to add to the average household income if they just think slightly differently!

Whatever standard of ability and education that a person has, it is quite possible to re-think a way to earn and help the income for a household.

If it was done by the whole family – just think of the potential!

Just Start To Think A Bit Differently!

Consider Making Money while at Home!

Tap Yourself Into A HUGE & Booming Health and Wellness Industry.

Take a look at the video on this link and see how
YOU could start a business for UNDER £200…

…and what other benefits it could mean for better health as well as better wealth.

IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE who may be looking for a better way forward – pass this on, please.

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Best wishes to you for great health and better wealth in 2017.


Mike Finding

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