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Hello and welcome to this belated newsletter – much delayed by all sorts of work, gigs and “other stuff” going on!

My apologies for the “Victor Meldrew entrance”! But I really could not believe the Daily Express headlines after all we have learnt over the years about statins and other drugs that are supposed to help with stroke and heart problems.

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Daily Express headlines today, 19-05-15

Statins slash stroke risk by 30 per cent: Millions more should be given drug, say experts

MILLIONS more people should be given cholesterol-busting drugs to slash the devastating death toll from strokes.

It doesn’t take long to look up a search on the Daily Express online and see the number of articles in there that say these things do NOT help and can cause quite a number of serious conditions.

Pointers just in from our good friend and practitioner Dr Rex Johnson

  • At the moment there is no correlation between heart disease of any kind including strokes and cholesterol. 
  • Among the side effects of statins are liver damage, kidney failure, joint wear, muscle weakness, increased risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s and the  possibility of cardiac arrest.
  • You pays your money and  take your chances.

Then just go to Natural News and do a search and what comes up first…of MANY results? Click below to read more.

Why statins side effects may (literally) be killing you

From all we have learned over the last ten plus years – PROPER nutrition can help for as many conditions as you can swing a stick at!

When I say proper nutrition I do NOT mean convenience foods, take aways, processed foods and any junk food items. Sugar is a real problem and is now in a huge proportion of things provided by the huge supermarkets.

People tend not to cook “real food” these days. It’s “too much trouble” and the take away is so easy – it’s not cheaper by any stretch if the truth was told either.

A note from an article on Natural News:

While one out of every four Americans over the age of 45 is on statins, shockingly few of them are aware of the extensive range of side effects, let alone the potentially deadly complications. While statins may seem like a quick and easy solution, the potential long-term consequences — many of which are fatal — far outweigh any short-term benefits.

Learn more:

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Well – “you pays your money and takes your choice” as they say!

I have a story on this link that will give an idea of how good nutrition and use of plant derived minerals can strengthen the arterial system in ways that will not be spoken about by the health services and other similar organisations.

Have a look and if you want to know more we also have a video available for the whole of the story – it should be watched!

Click here for The Simply Story – with Peter Willoughby – CEO Simply Naturals, Introduced by – Paul Hornsey-Pennell

I am well aware that most people will not be bothered.

I heard a great quote the other day!

“The three causes of illness are apathy, ignorance and laziness. Most people don’t know, don’t want to know and if they did know couldn’t be bothered.”

Someone who DID bother to do some homework and get the benefits:

For the past nine months I have been a patient at Moorfields eye hospital. I had a branch retina vein occlusion in my right eye (A haemorrhage or bleed).
I have had four injections in my eye to reduce the fluid build up to save my sight. Last month the fluid had returned and today, I was booked in to have another horrid injection. Ecstatic does not adequately describe how I felt when the surprised consultant told me that the fluid had gone and I did not need another injection!

(At the company training yesterday I heard that an elderly lady, with the same condition, had been told she needed injections for life but the minerals had stopped the need for any more injections. Incredible that I had the same result today in my third month of taking the minerals! )

After sizzling Sunday and another fabulous training yesterday, where you hear so many exciting testimonials I now have my own!

The fluid has gone, yet I was told that injections were the only way to achieve this! It is obvious to me that the body has healed itself as a result of absorbing the minerals it had been crying out for.
Ms. SM

If you want more information about the things that WILL help with arterial strength and MUCH more – just click here.

If you know anyone who might just like to help others with health issues AND make some money – click here to see how, then reply to this email.

My very best to you

Bye for now

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