Re: Health worth 80p a day?

Health worth 80p a day?

Hello again – yes, he’s back!

80 pence per day? I hear you ask… “What’s he babbling on about now?”

It occurred to me that most people think nothing of shelling out more than £2 for a cup of coffee in a motorway stop or coffee bar in the towns and cities, possibly a daily occurrence in many cases.

If you go to your local paper shop in the morning it’s an eyeopener to see what people actually buy as a morning snack as well as the packets of cigarettes and the like.

The number of times you see tradesmen in there, prior to a busy hard graft day, buying a can or more of some fizzy sugar laden drink, a manufactured snack, maybe a bar or two of chocolate or some other sugar laden item and will think that will sustain them for the morning, maybe all day…? What would that cost – without counting the cost to health and wellness? Probably over a fiver….(The good ol’ 5 British pounds!)

Later in the morning / day I suspect the “munchies” will be likely to strike and the ritual is performed in a shop again.

Don’t forget I said tradesmen, but as the morning goes by, the number of younger children on their way to school who buy similar items is really very high.

SO – what is wrong with that? Well for just one reason out of quite a number, let’s just think about the fizzy sugar laden drink. These drinks alone have the effect of leaching calcium from the bones in the body. What does that lead to? Weak skeletal structure. Give it the true name: Osteoporosis or brittle bone disease. This is NO longer a disease of old women. Young children, men and women of ALL ages are now being diagnosed with Osteoporosis. (I WAS on the way to being one of those years ago!)

Take a quick look at the effect a Coke will havein ONE hour – on your body!

Enough on that topic – you see where that might have been going.

But what was it you were saying about 80 pence per day, Mike?

What does just 80 pence buy that can possibly be any good?

Think about this then:

80 pence can potentially buy you:

  • Better sleep
  • Help with Diabetes
  • Help with high blood pressure
  • Help for ME
  • Help for joint pain
  • Help for eyesight
  • Help for ED (yes you read THAT right. I was told a testimonial for just that just recently)
  • Cleaner, stronger and more “elastic” arterial system – potential help for heart and other blood system related problems. See here a story that is the result of just that!
  • Less colds and flu – it seems that these try to get in (you can feel it – just a little off colour for a short while) but no full blown illness…..
  • Just feeling WELL!!

Does THAT sound like a reasonable 80 pence worth?

There is ONE really good way to see more information about an 80 pence per day product that can help with all this. Click here to see video and read the amazing testimonials on the left side link! The Doctor Says audio link is also worth a visit.

More Testimonials on this link.

Bye for now

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Suspected Alzheimer’s – A Testimonial:

…and another distributor who’s father was feared to be getting Alzheimer’s …. was not sleeping and losing weight by the day …

now after only four weeks sleeping fully, putting on weight .. as sharp as a knife and just b****red off to Italy on holiday ……..  having stopped ALL medication .

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