Re: Good Health is NOT expensive. It’s Priceless.

Good Health is NOT expensive

Good day to you.

I really hope all is well with you.

Listening to the Doctor Says audio by Dr Bender from the US, he covers the reasons for using proper mineral supplements so well that it just says it all….

You Can Listen to the Audio here. (opens in a new window)

ONE main reason is the title of this newsletter:

Good Health is NOT expensive. It’s Priceless.

How many people do YOU know who suffer illness and disease with no real relief from medication?

SO many times we hear this now and the number of people who are sick and getting sicker is growing – we hear it every week.

The health care medication is not curing an illness – it stops the symptoms.

It’s NOT a cure for the cause of an illness.

Last night we saw a video that showed people who had cured themselves of all types of illness, including cancer.

JUST by changing their food they ate. Cutting out ALL meat and dairy products lives were changing.

Plant based diets have been able to cure all kinds of serious illness, including, as I said – Cancer…

Now if that doesn’t appeal to you, it IS possible to make changes to start on a road to better health.

ONE change should be to increase the plant derived mineral intake in your own body. We need plant minerals and everything else is built around this.Trace-every-sickness

Take a moment to listen to the Doctor Says Audio – There you will learn the effects of mineral deficiencies and what can be done naturally to redress the balance.

SINGLE mineral supplementation can cause worse problems so a balanced mineral supplementation is needed. The Sizzling Plant Derived Minerals are JUST that.

Three ways you can get in to do this.

  1. Start as a distributor, and learn with help and assistance, to help others do the same. Great rewards CAN be possible (we make NO claims because individual effort counts)
  2. Use the minerals for your own possible health benefits and then share with family and friends as an affiliate (details can be sent to you by replying to this newsletter) and …
  3. Just buy and use Sizzling Minerals for yourself.
  4. THREE links below to choose your way to start to make a difference.

Suspected Alzheimer’s – A Testimonial:

…and another distributor who’s father was feared to be getting Alzheimer’s …. was not sleeping and losing weight by the day …

now after only four weeks sleeping fully, putting on weight .. as sharp as a knife and just b****red off to Italy on holiday ……..  having stopped ALL medication .

1) Really want to make some changes for yourself and others?
Start Your Simply Naturals Business:


2) Just want to use the minerals and share them? Get paid to do so:
Call / message me 07885 076 026

3) I just want to Use The Minerals to see how I get on:


Make your choice and see how the next year pans out for you. We will be pleased to help you

Very best to you

Bye for now

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“Did You Know the Reason So Many People Are Suffering in Pain Around The World is Because Their Bodies Are Crying Out For Minerals?

BUT, not just ANY Minerals!”

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Please do consider looking at the video links in this newsletter – we really do have to think and learn for ourselves….

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We do NOT make ANY claims because individual effort will bring different results….

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