Re: Do we care enough about good health?

This is THE video we ALL need to see if we care about good health.

Good health is not Good Luck.

Good health needs to be worked at! You either just ‘go with the flow’ and hope for the best, OR you get out of that comfort zone and learn what is really going on out there these days.

I want to bring a NEW video to your attention – It is called the Mineral Depletion Video and everyone who CARES about their health and the health of loved ones really needs to see it – it is NOT a long video and it is a must see.

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Email for more information or just go to the Simply Naturals website to see more.

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Phillip Day UK Health Reporter & Researcher

“The huge rise in the incidence of cancer and other degenerative diseases is primarily due to the depleted vitamin/mineral content in today’s western diet coupled with environmental /chemical toxin factors. The cancer prevention message is extremely important. Prevention IS the best cure.

Turning off the nutritional deficiency with good quality vitamins and minerals of high absorbability ensures the body has the raw materials to maintain or rebuild health. To combat this very real health threat, vitamin and mineral supplementation of these vital factors is not some quaint health fad.

It is quite literally a matter of life and death – yours and mine.”

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