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Good day to you and I really hope you’re enjoying the weather!

Well, it’s been a very warm spell and it is a bit of a relief that temperatures are a bit lower! It’s also interesting to read in a local magazine that:

A whole host of health niggles and full blown medical conditions can be caused by low levels of vitamins and minerals.

This IS a topic we had learned some years ago and have tried to make sure we found a good supply of vitamins and minerals to help us as we get that bit older!

I know that some people we know have thought that it was not necessary, but now it seems to be becoming a more widely accepted fact.

The article is in the Seven Days, a local magazine that comes in with the newspaper. It has an interview with Dr Carrie Ruxton a dietician. Parts of the article are included below.

“Low Level Problem: “It seems that a high proportion of British people (and I would guess most of the Western diet eating people??) have low blood levels of key nutrients such as vitamin D, which affects up to 4 in 10 adults and teenagers.

“Other examples of nutrients commonly at low levels include iron (it’s believed that one in ten women and girls are anaemic as a result), folate (which is in the spotlight for increasing risk of birth defects)and iodine, where low blood levels are seen in half of young women.

“These sub-optimal nutrient levels can create long-term health problems, such as osteoporosis or fatigue, as well as putting the next generation at risk.”

“In The Blood: A significant proportion of people do not achieve recommended intakes of minerals and vitamins including selenium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, riboflavin, and vitamin A….

“Many other lifestyle issues impact on health, libido and mood such as sleep quality, alcohol consumption, smoking, stress and lack of physical activity.

Dr Ruxton goes on to say that addition of fruit and vegetables, limited alcohol, no smoking and a good session of at least 60 minutes physical activity and adding in minerals, vitamins should be helpful. There is a whole lot more mentioned like the way prescribed medications and antibiotics can deplete any reserves that may be in place.

The Way We Are
Soil Mineral Depletion Graph

We have also said that the fruit & vegetables nowadays is generally very lacking in minerals, than 50+ years ago, due to the ways of farming and length of time “on the shelf” and in transportation. As far as possible organic sources should be found where at all possible – the mineral content may be lower still, but chemical wash and pesticide contamination is generally far less and the taste / quality is far superior.

We have said this before and we have been very pleased to see that many people, who have joined us on this newsletter, have taken advantage of the top quality plant derived natural mineral products that we do promote. Some have also gone on to use the other products like the top quality Curcumin and Krill.

Some people have recommended them to people they know and so far as we know the reports back have been very pleasing.


One final point here, if I may.

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