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Hello and I hope this finds you well.

Ok – that question:

 Are You Always Hungry…?

….and the second part could be:

IF so – why are our nutritional reserves so low?

The answer to that could be: Nature’s nutrition is hugely complex….

….and it’s not properly addressed by the major food suppliers who set out to supply us with products to eat and drink

There is always information coming to light about the effect that various levels of nutrition have on our bodies and the roles played in the onset or prevention of illness & disease.

HOWEVER: Isolation of different nutrients isn’t natural and can cause deficiencies of other nutrients.

A couple of examples here would be:

>> too much iron can bring on a zinc deficiency.

>> too much calcium can actually bring on a CALCIUM deficiency.

The balance required is that critical – not something that is commonly realised.

Food is plentiful and the wide variety of supply should mean a good nutrient supply to us in everyday use.

The opposite is generally the case though.

You will most probably be familiar with the “Added vitamin and mineral” statements on the packets of so many products.

This is generally not to be considered “worthwhile information” as a lot of the proper nutrition is stripped out of foods to allow longer shelf life; only a few select nutrients are added back in.

THIS is not nature’s intention.

Take wheat as an example (today’s wheat variety supply is another topic altogether!) – Wheat made into Flour >> Around 25 nutrients removed >> Only 4 replaced, iron, B1, B2, B3.

Heat also destroys many nutrients so that much canned food is far from fully nutritious.

Nature’s design has been destroyed in the quest for more

  • flavour

  • appearance

  • convenience and

  • longer shelf life.

…It’s our health that suffers.

Many studies show that the average RDA (RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance) of many vitamins and minerals are not achieved by the average person.

When you hear that your breakfast cereal is “fully fortified” with added minerals, you should not believe that your nutritional needs are being met…..

Many doctors and nutritionists argue that RDAs are set way too low.

The best that can probably be expected is that they MAY stop or slow an onset of deficiency disease.

NOTE that point – …they only MAY stop or slow…… 

Unfortunately, the amounts of nutrients defined by Recommended Dietary Allowances give us only the bare minimum required to ward off vitamin deficiency diseases such as beriberi, rickets, scurvy and night blindness.

Scientific studies have been shown that taking dosages of vitamins above the RDAs helps our bodies work better. [Balch, Phyllis A & James F. Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Avery. 2000……13-14]

So what should we do?

We should try to make things right for ourselves and research our own nutritional needs and supplies.

It is NOT that difficult if you have a mind to do so and take the time to do the research – I repeat: it is NOT difficult.

Bear in mind ALSO that vitamins will not work properly, if at all, without a proper plant derived mineral supplement.

A GOOD start is to find the best plant derived mineral supplements available.

They don’t need to cost the earth and they might well save:

  • a lot in reduced illness,

  • time off work,

  • time off from family home fun-time,

  • big savings on ineffective supplements!

Very effective plant mineral supplements are now available to you should this be of interest.

We have testimonials (see a typical one below) that are bearing up the claim that the Sizzling Plant Derived Minerals are well up to the task of providing an excellent mineral intake to help with good health.

Click to see the video to see just why we try to pass on this kind of information to people who would like to help themselves.

If you decide you’d like to try a top plant derived mineral supplement – click here to see what is available.

Bye for now and thanks for reading

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84 Years and Suffering with Macular Degeneration

When we were introduced to Sizzling Plant Derived Minerals in February this year we immediately put my mother on them and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

It didn’t take too long for the monthly injections directly in the eye to be stopped as the hospital picked up the improvements.

The good news continued and you could not believe our sense of satisfaction, but our moment of being total convinced was yet to come.

Last month Jean was taken into hospital for 10 days as a result of a previous condition.

During these 10 days she didn’t have her Plant Derived Minerals with her and wasn’t therefore taking them.

When she came out of hospital to our horror her eye problem was back and another injection was needed.

Also each month since starting on the Plant Derived Minerals her sight test has improved by one or two extra letters!














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