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Hello and welcome to this newsletter – I really hope the year is going well for you so far!

We have had so much going on, it is an age since the last newsletter – you have probably forgotten who on earth is sending this!!

Well – the last months HAVE been interesting, in that we have recently been involved with a dear friend who has had “a few problems”.

Back about three months ago we met her at the hospital because she was brought in for a diagnosis meeting. Turned out to be a cancer and one of the primary causes is down to smoking….

Well, we have been able to to help on the runs to a regular daily appointment for radio-therapy. Pleased to do so because I have known the family since way back in the seventies.

These trips have been a REAL eye-opener and it makes us all the more determined to do as much as possible to stay well – using the natural and non-pharmaceutical route.

The number of people who are in the “hospital system” for treatment in the same radio-therapy and other departments is quite mind-boggling, and this is NOT a city based hospital. It’s one HUGE business that deals with the results of the way we all tend to live these days and the affect that can have on people, especially those who DON’T care and DON’T look after themselves. “The doctors will put me right” attitude is a basic flaw in the way people think, if I may say that…..The “health system” is under huge strain as it is.

Some ten years ago we were introduced to chemical free personal care, and powerfully effective nutritional supplements that worked.

Our health benefitted hugely and I thank the stars that I actually listened – in the end!!

My Turn To Pass On Good Information

I would like to now pass on some information in video / website form that can allow you to make choices to help with Health & Wellness for you and your family…..those that WILL actually “see it” as relevant and necessary to personal well being.

This is information that you can evaluate for yourself, and relates to the Simply Naturals Sizzling Minerals and other products I mentioned before…most people will dismiss it all as mumbo jumbo, but the results we and others are getting are excellent!

I suspect the MOST important one, from family perspective, could be the first link….it is WELL worth a quick look – it’s not too long but very important to consider….for future health a wellness. It also shows WHY we are liable to more illness if we don’t look after the basics of our human physiology.

Why do we all need this? (Click to view) This is a short video showing why this kind of product is required by all who will “see it”…..

Main site with all links (click to view), video, testimonials, a VERY good audio by an American doctor on the Doctor Says link

Get your mineral supplements free! (Click to view).

These are videos that give all information that can advise and help.

For more information – please do reply to this email newsletter

Phillip Day UK Health Reporter & Researcher

“The huge rise in the incidence of cancer and other degenerative diseases is primarily due to the depleted vitamin/mineral content in today’s western diet coupled with environmental /chemical toxin factors. The cancer prevention message is extremely important. Prevention IS the best cure.

Turning off the nutritional deficiency with good quality vitamins and minerals of high absorbability ensures the body has the raw materials to maintain or rebuild health. To combat this very real health threat, vitamin and mineral supplementation of these vital factors is not some quaint health fad.

It is quite literally a matter of life and death – yours and mine.”


Very best to you

Bye for now

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