Proper Body Mineralisation is KEY to Good Health

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Quotes picked up from LinkedIn, posted by Eric Cole Director – Executive Chairman at Simply Naturals Ltd

Quotes and Snippets Relating to Plant Mineral Deficiency

In our research we often come across interesting quotes or brief information relating to plant mineral deficiency. I thought it would be useful to post these here. These will help distributors with the promotion of Sizzling Minerals. I’ll kick this off with one found today….

Seen recently in an influential tabloid newspaper:-

‘Eating is an agricultural act – we are fed by a food industry which pays no attention to health, and we are treated by a health industry that pays no attention to food’.
Wendell Berry (philosopher, writer and farmer).

The newspaper article was about the consequences of intensive farming since World War 2.

“Demineralisation is the beginning of debilitating disease”

Dr Robert LaFave, writes in an excerpt from a U.S. Research Centre Report that…
“Without these minerals it is impossible for the regeneration process in the cell to occur. In fact, an enzyme, (which regulates hormones), cannot exist without minerals and trace minerals.”
For the last century the agriculture industry within the U.S. has been replacing nutrients in soil through fertilisation and other means. Many regions of the world have been studied for soil content as it is linked to health.

For decades now mineral content in a large part of America’s farming land is badly deficient in vital trace elements. The situation is so serious, as it regards to personal health, that the United States senate in 1936 warned the population of a major mineral depletion.

“Your Cells are Busy Every Day, and They Need Their Minerals”

The average human body contains around four trillion cells. Between 60 and 70 percent of those cells should replace themselves every six months. This means about 15 billion cells in your body are replacing and rebuilding themselves every day.

Each of those cells has a nucleus and in that nucleus is your DNA. Each strand of DNA requires at the very least 45 separate minerals to replicate itself properly. It is said that 60 or more plant minerals are needed for your entire bodily functions to work correctly.

Your body uses nutrients in the food you eat to rebuild itself constantly. If you are not supplying your body and cells with the key plant minerals it needs, its biological processes will slow down and eventually begin to fail. This can contribute to low energy, ageing and potentially serious disease.

Proper Body Mineralisation is KEY to Good Health

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