Plants don’t lie!

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It’s been an “interesting week”, but we received a note on our Facebook group that showed another reason just why we do what we do! A very quick update for the weekend to just try to show yet another reason that the Plant Derived Minerals really can help people, and animals.

Many people who may not “get it” will think and probably even say to us:

“Those products you promote are a waste of time and money” – or something similar.

Well just the other afternoon we received a notification with an image. I’ll pass this on here and I would be VERY interested in any thoughts!

The image & details below came in from Ms M. Gilzean‎. (Ok – now someone DID comment that the plants are different, but we were told that they were ALL the same size on planting, and planted at the same time!)

To Quote:

“I recently started feeding some plants as an experiment! I purchased 4 pansy plants to go in a pot. But decided to see the difference before repotting.

“They were all bought at the same time from the same garden centre a few weeks ago.

“The ones at the back I watered every time with diluted Minerals, the ones in the front got no Minerals.

Just goes to show! If it does this to plants, what are they doing to our bodies!!!”

Plants do not lie
Plants do not lie


Another comment: “All my vegetables this past summer got fed with my minerals and they were absolutely delicious! Maureen can you now feed the plants at the front of the picture, I’m feeling rather sad for them!”

That IS being done now I believe so that the poorer plants can catch up!

However I think this is quite a telling example of an organism just taking up what it has been fed and the results show what can be done.

I would now suggest that similar things will be happening to anyone who takes plant derived minerals and the testimonials say just that – see the links below.

I KNOW we feel the difference, with better energy, just “feeling well” and not feeling the need to eat as much as we used – so we do not get overweight it seems!


That is ALL I have for you this weekend, but please do get in touch for samples and we will send them out – no charge – and if you decide to give these a six month trial (or longer) you will be looking at under  £1.00 per day for the minerals – that is less than a cup of coffee from the well known chains….

Samples available now:

Many people are wondering just what the plant derived minerals are!

Well, we have samples and are pleased to be sending them out to anyone who wants to see what all the fuss is about!

These natural products are having a huge beneficial effect on a LOT of people who have started to take them – would they be something that you would like to try?

We will be pleased to send you a sample and an information booklet – no charge, just click here to send a request.

I sincerely hope this will be of interest to you and / or someone you would like to help.

Sizzle for more information!

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