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Please accept our apologies – we have had to stop free samples for the time being. Again we have been snowed under from enquiries with people wanting to help with health and wellness.

There are links and downloads that are free below and if you have any questions about plant derived minerals, any questions that our very helpful practitioner friend could help with, please do get in touch.

We will be back as soon as possible – in the meantime DO contact us on our contact us page with any questions. Many thanks

I am so thankful that I used my better judgement and tried the Plant Derived Minerals, instead of dismissing them as “just another health product.”

1: Suspected Alzheimer’s – A Testimonial:

…and another distributor who’s father was feared to be getting Alzheimer’s… was not sleeping and losing weight by the day … now, after only four weeks of plant derived minerals, sleeping fully, putting on weight .. as sharp as a knife and just b****red off to Italy on holiday….having stopped ALL medication

2: I received my pack 2 weeks ago and started taking my tablets right away. I have suffered with pain in my knees for many years, football, cricket, squash and I am now an indoor bowler.

For years when I have bowled I have to take pain killers 20/30 mins into the game, in the last 2 weeks I have bowled about 10/12 games (2 hours per game) and I have taken a party of handicapped people for a 2 hours coaching session.

In all that time my co-codamol tablets have stayed by my locker. Also due to broken bone in my wrist from 47 years ago I haven’t been able to bend my right thumb across to my little finger, I can now.

As well as these two, for years I haven’t been able to move my left arm above my head when sleeping face down, guess what, I can now.

3: “I am a 63 year old and suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. Since taking Sizzling Minerals I thought that the good feelings I was experiencing were possible psychosomatic, as I had this kind of experience with other products.However after months of taking a wafer a day the MS symptoms are still there but I have never felt as healthy as I am right now.

I have stopped taking the prescribed medication and I am not missing it one bit.

I recommend that everyone should take a wafer a day”

Mike (not me…! I’m just a tad bit older than 63!)

Please read more about the plant derived minerals and what they can do for people who really  wish to see  what they could do for them….and people they know.

Click here to read the online PDF

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Many people are wondering just what the plant derived minerals are!

If you are serious about learning more – there are various things that you can do to start learning more – as we did once we started using AND finding the benefit of these plant derived minerals.

You will also find here a set of recent testimonials……..

Minerals & Vitamins – Do we know the difference between Metallic and Plant Minerals – that link is well worth a look.

Healthy Planet 2017
You Can Trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency

It also explains the difference between plant and metallic minerals on page 3! However the attached pdf gives a bit better illustration, I hope!

One thing we were NOT aware of when we started on this – Vitamins do NOT work effectively without a proper plant mineral intake………as you will see in that link on page 6.

We are here to assist in any way we can – I will attempt to get your sample taste sachets off asap – but I suspect they will not arrive til mid to late in the week – they will be sent 1st class / proof of posting…..

Other web links to assist in learning more:

New Online Flip Brochure Link Here   This also shows a testimonial for Fibromyalgia – a question we have been asked several times.

1. Customer Video:
2. Helpful information: www.plantmineralsnews.comresearch & testimonials

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Please read more about the plant derived minerals and what they can do for people who “see it”….Click here to read the online PDF

See the Full Range of Simply Naturals’ products –

In the meantime – we wish you the very best for 2018

Many Thanks

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