Crazy Sexy Juices and Succulent Smoothies

About Kris Carr I’m Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author and wellness warrior. On Valentine’s Day in 2003, I was diagnosed with a rare and incurable stage 4 cancer. This whiskey tango foxtrot moment (that’s military lingo for WTF?!) … Continue reading →

Turmeric Spice Used by Woman to Overcome Cancer – Researchers Stunned

By Anthony Gucciardi, NaturalSociety, July 8, 2012 While expensive cancer drugs linked to premature death and mega-tumors are pushed by many mainstream doctors as the only option outside of chemotherapy, a growing number of informed individuals are consistently opting to … Continue reading →

Advanced ProBiotic – Gut & Immune System Health

Especially formulated for Neways, Protozymes (formerly named Advanced Probiotic) is achieving spectacular results for so many people who suffer with anything from arthritis to headaches, diabetes to thrush and even those wanting to lose weight. High street yoghurt drink alternatives … Continue reading →


Vivien Clere Green is a Natural Health Consultant and runs her own Wellness Practice. Vivien is well positioned to identify the individual needs of our bodies to deal with modern lifestyles. We asked her why we need Omega 3? Omega … Continue reading →