How do you get Osteoporosis?

Can you prevent Osteoporosis?

Can you reverse Osteoporosis?

How can you treat Osteoporosis?

Some known Osteoporosis factors:

skeleton osteoporosis - image

  • Every 3 minutes someone has a fracture in the UK
  • People with Osteoporosis are getting younger
  • 1:3 women will get it and 1:12 men, men are really at risk now – the 1:12 figure for men is probably out of date now it is possibly nearer 1:6!!!
  • There are more deaths following a hip fracture than ovarian cancer

The thinning of Bone is now a growing threat to more people than ever.

The disease of the older woman and pregnant ladies is now becoming prevalent in ALL ages.

You have probably arrived here because you are looking for some ideas.

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Osteoporosis – Brittle Bone Disease.

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