No More Painful Shaving! How to get the best shave!

Years ago I used to shave as one does when the time came. Hey – I’m a MAN now and so shave you do…. (That WAS a LONG time ago!)

Close Shaving GelA Beard with Mike FindingWell that was ok, til a way down the road I decided that the pain after shaving was just too much to have to put up with…so I grew a beard..!

Then years later after looking like a backwoodsman (no offence meant there!) I discovered some great products that meant NO more shaving rash! RIGHT! Like I was going to believe THAT!

Well, I was told what to use and HOW to use it for maximum effect and value for money.

You know what? I have never had a problem from that day to this with a painful post-shaving face! No using the “normal” after shave either. The best thing yet that keeps skin in great condition is to use Tender Care Skin Cream…it’s an excellent after shave!

Tender Care Skin CreamHow to Use the Close Shaving Gel

Shaving Gel: Apply with hand or shaving brush to warm damp skin. NOTE: When first using this Gel use a pre-used blade and do NOT press on the skin. The hair will stand up and give a much closer shave. Helps prevent ‘razor burn’ and dry patches.
Close Gel is also ideal when used to shave legs and underarm areas.

For BEST results I’ve found the use of a shaving brush. A very small amount can be stirred on the palm of the hand WITH the brush and “whisked” into a great foam. Apply to the pre-wetted face and leave for a short while. Re-“stir” (!) with the brush and then get to work with the razor.

Shave both ways with and against “the grain” and you should find a really good resulting shave! Immediately apply a small amout of Tender Care that has been “mixed” in the hands….MOST excellent – I have never felt stinging or discomfort! One tip I was also told – rinse in cold water and the stubble retreats – leaving an even smoother finish!

You will also find that the blade should last longer as there are no ingredients that will rust the blade!

Take a moment to consider using safe but REALLY effective products that are also VERY cost effective!

Click the link below to try them out!

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