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Simply Naturals Testimonials 2017

Good day to you!

Well, I hope you’ve had a great week?

I was very intrigued to find a LOT of new testimonials for the Sizzling Minerals!

I felt that I ought really to send a few out so that you can see just what we have available for you to help build immunity and attempt to help prevention of the onset of “winter conditions”.


Thomas Fuller said it about right! “Health is not Valued til Sickness Comes”


I would totally agree with that – and let’s face it, most people do not even think about health, good nutrition and how they would manage when they are off work with an illness of some kind. It’s SO often been said that people will spend a LOT of money on the “unimportant things in life”…

Straight to those testimonials then:

  1. I received my pack 2 weeks ago and started taking my tablets right away.  I have suffered with pain in my knees for many years, football, cricket, squash and I am now an indoor bowler.For years when I have bowled I have to take pain killers 20/30 mins into the game, in the last 2 weeks I have bowled about 10/12 games (2 hours per game) and I have taken a party of handicapped people for a 2 hours coaching session.

    In all that time my co-codamol tablets have stayed by my locker.  Also due to broken bone in my wrist from 47 years ago I haven’t been able to bend my right thumb across to my little finger, I can now.

    As well as these two, for years I haven’t been able to move my left arm above my head when sleeping face down, guess what, I can now.

  2. “I am a 63 year old and suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. Since taking Sizzling Minerals I thought that the good feelings I was experiencing were possible psychosomatic, as I had this kind of experience with other products.However after months of taking a wafer a day the MS symptoms are still there but I have never felt as healthy as I am right now.

    I have stopped taking the prescribed medication and I am not missing it one bit.

    I recommend that everyone should take a wafer a day”

    Mike (not me…! I’m just a tad bit older than 63!)

  3. At age 16 I had to undergo a major hip operation (Peri-Acetabular-Osteotomy)  where by I was told it would take up to 3 months to be walking as normal.I started taking the minerals 3 months before the operation and I am absolutely certain that this is what has helped me get better so much quicker as I was walking unaided after only 6 weeks post op, and had stopped taking all of my prescribed medicine.  Another thing I have noticed is that my nails now grow a lot faster and are now incredibly strong.

    Not only do the minerals taste great but since taking the minerals I have stopped craving fizzy drinks and feel that my general health has improved as I have more energy and feel fitter that I ever have!

    I would recommend this product 100%.

  4. I have suffered from plantar fascilitis for the last seven years. It has been so painful that on some occasions I have been unable to walk more than twenty yards.This has made me very depressed and totally out of condition.

    Three weeks ago I started taking Sizzling Minerals.  After three days I just could not believe how much better my foot was with hardly any pain making me able to walk a mile down to Lymington harbour have a coffee with my granddaughter and walk back up to my car.

    Now I have been on the tablets for three weeks I am finding the change so exhilarating that I am determined to get into regular exercise again.

    Thank you Sizzling Minerals.

  5. Diagnosed for the second time with cancer in 2012, I was put on Chemo with a prognosis of 24-30 months. I did think “I am not having that”.I was terribly sick every day for 18 months and it became very tiring, difficult to do any work and always tired.

    The hospital tried me with 5 different anti-sickness tablets but nothing worked! They were at a loss!

    Then I was introduced to the minerals by Irene, ordered some and started taking the “one-a-day”.

    AFTER JUST 4 DAYS – I STOPPED BEING SICK! The hospital could not work it out! Within a week I started to regain my strength and had the ability to focus on getting rid of my cancers.

    I wanted to learn more and went to a Simply Naturals business presentation.

    I stopped the Chemo as I felt this was killing me and within a few weeks more, people around me were noticing the changes and asking questions.

    I am not saying that these get rid of cancer but, they certainly put back what my body was missing and allowed me to build on that.  I was seriously impressed so, joined the business, learned a great deal more, took a nutrition course as well, and began the recovery.

    I can’t put into words what an amazing transformation it gave me but, here I am and building a nice business with lots of similarly happy customers.

    Best wishes


I KNOW we feel the difference since starting on these Sizzling Plant Derived Minerals and the Curcumin. We both have a better energy, just “feeling well” and not feeling the need to eat as much as we used – so we do not get overweight it seems!

The thing that is SO important that we have learned over the years – dis-ease has a job to get a proper hold in an Alkaline body state. Plant Minerals and Curcumin help to keep the body in an alkaline state. An Acid body state is more likely to allow dis-ease to get a hold.

Now – would YOU be interested in helping people? If you can get the benefits from using these top quality UK products – AND get paid to do so?

We are and you can too.

Click here to see what is possible! There is a video on that link which will give you an overview of the possibilities!


That is ALL I have for you this weekend, but please do get in touch for samples and we will send them out – no charge – and if you decide to give these a six month trial (or longer) you will be looking at under  £1.00 per day for the minerals – that is less than a cup of coffee from the well known chains….

I sincerely hope this will be of interest to you and / or someone you would like to help.

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