Do you know how to kill a marathon runner?

Do you need extra money? Do you know someone who does?

I know this sounds like a crazy question but if you
value your health bear with me.

The answer is simple, make him run for many miles and
drink plenty of water and no food. What this will do
eventually is deplete him of essential minerals and
his heart will stop. The perfect murder.

Can you see how vital minerals are to your body? I
know this is an extreme example but remember today’s
foods are critically low on plant derived minerals.

…And YOU are running that marathon, it’s called
the marathon of life and it should last 80 years in
perfect health. But sadly we know that’s not true.

The importance of plant derived minerals cannot be
underestimated. Note I said ‘plant derived’ not the
cheap metallic rubbish you find in some shops.

Listen to and watch our testimonials. Even today I
find it truly amazing and heart warming to see so
many people having life-changing results.

Do you have any aches, pains or health issues that
could have developed over the years because of a
serious deficiency of plant derived minerals?

Take the Sizzling Minerals challenge and see for

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