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Hope the weather has not been too unkind to you or anyone you know? It’s been an interesting time. Mind you we are finding a LOT of our beautiful feathered visitors are using our garden feeders now! The hedgehogs make intermittent visits for food……..

As I say – it has been a while since I have sent out anything. We have had a lot going on with family issues and other work so my apologies for lack of news!

Anyway – news there is!

A while ago we were notified that Simply Naturals is moving forward and adding more plant based products to their listings.

We went to a meeting in Exeter and heard a lot of very good things and we’ll pass on anything as soon as we get the nod. The information received was very interesting and we look forward to seeing what is available.

One thing that we heard was a stunning testimonial from a lady sitting near us!

It went along these lines:

“My daughter has been trying for a child and was told that it was very unlikely to happen. You can imagine the distress to this lady. However she had started to take the minerals and within a few months was told she was expecting a baby.”

We hear things all the time about how people have had such excellent results using Plant Derived Minerals!

PLANT DERIVED Minerals:  The BEST minerals and vitamins available!

Better recovery if you take a knock with illness, and a better way to ensure that your diet isn’t lacking in what the body needs to work at optimum levels. We have been taking these since 2014 and now at almost 68 I have more energy, generally, than in my 30s.

Plant derived minerals
Plant derived minerals


Metallic Vs Plant Minerals

A huge argument has always been that minerals such as lead, aluminium and arsenic are toxic and should not be consumed. Truth be told, any mineral in its inorganic state, even calcium could be toxic.

Inorganic means the mineral is derived from rocks, clay or seabed which the body cannot breakdown.

The human body is not designed to absorb, assimilate or use metallic minerals. The health food industry recognised the metallic mineral absorption problem in the 1970’s. Some companies still wanted to use them because they are cheap to produce, but at what cost to your health?

We all know about toxic metals and most people have been let to believe that the so-called toxic minerals are bad regardless of their source. This is a major mis-understanding even among most doctors.

Let’s take aluminium as an example:

Aluminium (Al) is the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust, afte5r oxygen and silicon. An element that makes up about 1/3 of the earth’s crust. It is very common in plants and is found in most food we eat. There have been many studies connecting disease with metallic aluminium, even a possible connection with Alzheimer’s Disease. For that very reason, over the last 20 years many persons have avoided aluminium cookware and products made with METALLIC aluminium. But they eat lettuce, potatoes, wheat and tomatoes that contain plant-derived aluminium daily.

There is an attachment that has more information

NOW – my original question!

Are you happy to continue receiving these newsletters?

Rules and regulations connected to the EU are beginning to be formed and implemented! We have to comply regarding the GDPR.

You may WELL ask what is that? Well, I will have to now get my head round all the information that is coming out!

According to the official statement on the GDPR site:

“The aim of the GDPR is to protect all EU citizens from privacy and data breaches in an increasingly data-driven world that is vastly different from the time in which the 1995 directive was established.”

In the meantime to make sure we start to get to grips with this, could I ask you to take a moment to reply if you’re happy to receive newsletters still as we move further on into 2018. If not – do unsubscribe from these newsletters using the link in the bottom of this email. We shall be very sorry to see you go – but I would hate to contravene any rules and regulations!

Have an excellent week and look forward to warmer weather!

Bye for now

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My own surprising testimonial when I was playing regular weekly gigs with a really energetic rock / reggae outfiit.:

My own testimonial? Just one of many: I am a drummer with a pretty energetic rock/reggae 3 piece band. 3 gig weekends and I used to have real pain in my wrists and hands – bad playing technique? Maybe, but since starting Plant Derived Minerals in January 2014 – I now get no such pain and a recent 3 gig weekend proved that!

I was also able to get up and about easily on the Monday morning!

I KNOW we feel the difference since starting on these Sizzling Plant Derived Minerals and the Curcumin. We both have a better energy, just “feeling well” and not feeling the need to eat as much as we used – so we do not get overweight it seems!

The thing that is SO important that we have learned over the years – dis-ease has a job to get a proper hold in an Alkaline body state.

Plant Minerals and Curcumin help to keep the body in an alkaline state. An Acid body state is more likely to allow dis-ease to get a hold.

To see more: Sizzle!

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  • Call Mike 07885 076 026 for more information


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