Further Confirmation That Plant Minerals are Necessary

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Good afternoon to you

I hope the “spring” is likely to be with us soon! It’s been a “bit nippy at times!

Hope all well with you and I felt I ought to pass on a PDF document that explains, again what we have learned over the last 15+ years, as the reasons that we need to consider using a plant derived mineral supplement.

This has come quite out of the blue, from an independent source, and sent over to me to pass on to people we know and that’s what I want to do here. As I say – we started to learn about this stuff way back and it has helped us now, a lot, over the years. Our aim – when we realised how this can be so good for people – has always been to pass on news and anyone who wants to look further & we are very happy to help.

Once again the importance of the lack of minerals in the soil that plants can utilise to make our fruit and vegetable stocks REALLY good for us is brought home by yet another source of information.

Download (PDF, 844KB)

I’m not going to say a lot more – I am sure that you are only too aware that many people are ill and “just not feeling right”, lacking energy, susceptible to all sorts of bugs…..

…….and just wondering why!

This MAY be a way to help….. View the Health Video for a bit more info. Then get in touch or visit Sizzle Today.com and have a look round

Have a good read and see what you think!

Enough for now – thank you for reading!

Bye for now

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Suspected Alzheimer’s – A Testimonial:

…and another distributor who’s father was feared to be getting Alzheimer’s …. was not sleeping and losing weight by the day …

now after only four weeks sleeping fully, putting on weight .. as sharp as a knife and just b****red off to Italy on holiday ……..  having stopped ALL medication .

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