When You Drink A Coke This Is What Happens To Your Body In Just One Hour

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What you’re about to read may (hopefully) cause you to put down that soda in your hand when you see just what happens to your body in just one hour after drinking a Coke.  

The First 10 Minutes

Over 10 teaspoons of sugar enter your system, kept only in your stomach because of the added phosphoric acid which acts as an anti-nausient.  Without it, your body would most likely reject that much sugar (which is already 100% of your daily intake) and you’d be puking your guts out.

The First 20 Minutes

Your liver, responding to a huge insulin burst in your system, gets in on the action now as it begins turning this massive amount of sugar directly into … you guessed it … fat.

The First 40 Minutes

The precious caffeine you wanted so badly has now been fully absorbed into your system, causing your pupils to dilate, your blood pressure to go up, your pulse to quicken and starts kicking your liver in the gut to keep pumping more sugar into your system.

The First 45 Minutes

Ever wanted to know what shooting up heroin is like?  Congrats, the increased dopamine production from the pleasure-center of your brain just gave you a little taste of what it’s like to chase the dragon.  You may not realize it, but if you’re chugging down sodas on a regular basis, you very likely are addicted to soda just like a junkie.

The One Hour Mark

Hope you enjoyed the last 15 minutes of bliss, because it’s at this point where your body starts to get a handle on all the sugar in your system, and you begin to experience a sugar crash.  This can result in a sudden loss of energy, headache, lethargy and dizziness … which if you drank a Coke, was one of the things you were probably trying to avoid.

Soda in the Body - infographic
When You Drink A Coke This Is What Happens To Your Body In Just One Hour

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