Do you really need minerals and vitamins?

Health Is Not Valued Until Sickness Comes

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First off – many thanks to all who have requested samples – and started buying – these superb plant derived minerals! It is now very pleasing to know that Simply Naturals is open in the US and Australia – to sign up in either of those countries there is a drop down on the top of the Simply website and you’ll be able to buy on the site. Those of you who may have relatives that might like to use these minerals (and other products) – please do feel free to pass this on.

PLEASE make sure that if you have ANY questions that you get in touch – either reply to this or use the numbers at the bottom. Thank you and we really hope you’ll find that they help as we have found.

OK – that question at the top – Do we really need minerals and vitamins?

Two immediate questions could follow that:

Do You Know the Difference Between Plant and Metallic Minerals? That is quite an important point – because shop and online-bought minerals will be metallic – the body cannot use these at all well.

I guess we’d all like to know: How can you look younger and stay healthy?!

I’d like to pass on a few possible answers that you may find interesting – before that a quick repeat of one of the testimonials sent out the other day:


I have suffered from plantar fascilitis for the last seven years. It has been so painful that on some occasions I have been unable to walk more than twenty yards.This has made me very depressed and totally out of condition.

Three weeks ago I started taking Sizzling Minerals.  After three days I just could not believe how much better my foot was with hardly any pain making me able to walk a mile down to Lymington harbour have a coffee with my granddaughter and walk back up to my car.

Now I have been on the tablets for three weeks I am finding the change so exhilarating that I am determined to get into regular exercise again.

Thank you Sizzling Minerals.


This is detail from an attached document – there will also be a link to an online version.

Every Question About Your Health Deserves An Honest Answer…

And here they are. We all age, get sick and many suffer from disease and illness because … we simply don’t take proper care of ourselves and our bodies.

The fact is that we just don’t give our bodies the nutrients – the raw building blocks of life – the minerals and vitamins needed to fight back and keep us in the best of health.

In many ways, we’re starving ourselves into ill health and every one of us needs to think about why.

Every Day We Deplete Ourselves…

Think about it, we’re stressed from work and strain. We’re tired from commuting and travel. We eat on the go – and mostly choose the wrong things. We are told to ‘eat a balanced diet’, but don’t. We sleep badly because we’re depleted of the essential nutrients our bodies need to give us the zing and zest that living today demands.

You know what it’s like, you look and feel tired. You look pale and your eyes are tired. Your hair lacks bounce and your skin doesn’t glow. Concentration is hard and you feel worn out most of the time.

When that happens, you’re an illness just waiting to happen. You need a lot more minerals and vitamins…

Yes, it’s as simple as that and products packed with minerals and vitamins are all the answers your body needs. In fact your body needs at least 60 minerals to function properly but there are very few in modern processed food and they are very difficult to obtain.

Plant derived = 100% absorbed instead of only 20% for Metallic
It seems that illness has become the ‘inevitable cost of modern day living’. You get old, we all do, but that doesn’t mean you have to get ill as well.

Life is for living…

Never were truer words spoken. Life is for living and it’s up to us – all of us – to make the very best of the time we’re given in the very best ways possible. That means being on top of our game, all of the time and it really is up to you.

You see, we don’t get sick, age, or get diseases, our cells do. And you are made up of 50 trillion cells. That’s an awful lot of scope for problems to occur in a single cell, or even a cluster of cells and that is what sickness, ageing and diseases are – problems with your cells.

When your body is run down and depleted, your cells are under threat from Free Radicals. These are hungry hunters and they radically alter and destroy your body’s cells. Not in one’s or twos, but in whole batches and clusters.

Some cells attacked by Free Radicals simply die. But others replicate in a damaged state and they cause and contribute to premature ageing, persistent illnesses and diseases including cancer and heart disease, as well as gout, arthritis, osteoporosis, hair loss, wrinkles, dark eyes – even eczema and bowel inflammation.

Full version online here: Click to see

Right – that’s enough for now – BUT please find attached the PDF document that this has come from.

MOST people will not bother and then wonder why they’re under par and not feeling well – we see it everywhere.

I KNOW we feel the difference since starting on these Sizzling Plant Derived Minerals and the Curcumin. We both have a better energy, just “feeling well” and not feeling the need to eat as much as we used – so we do not get overweight it seems!

The thing that is SO important that we have learned over the years – dis-ease has a job to get a proper hold in an Alkaline body state.

Plant Minerals and Curcumin help to keep the body in an alkaline state. An Acid body state is more likely to allow dis-ease to get a hold.

Now – would YOU be interested in helping people? If you can get the benefits from using these top quality UK products – AND get paid to do so?

We are and you can too with help from the top team working with Simply Naturals – we’ll be very pleased to assist.

The way the young people today have to work and struggle to get a good way in life – it is really a shame that people with talent and drive are not really able to prove themselves – I would like to think we can help make it happen for anyone who would like to ask the question: “Can I join up?” Please do contact us thro’ that link or call 07885 076 026, or 07930 916 310 (be sure to ask for Mike Finding on that number)

Click here to see what is possible! There is a video on that link which will give you an overview of the possibilities!


Samples available now:

Many people are wondering just what the plant derived minerals are!

Well, we have samples and are pleased to be sending them out to anyone who wants to see what all the fuss is about!

These natural products are having a huge beneficial effect on a LOT of people who have started to take them – would they be something that you would like to try?

We will be pleased to send you a sample and an information booklet – no charge, just click here to send a request.

That is ALL I have for you now, but please do get in touch for samples and we will send them out – no charge – and if you decide to give these a six month trial (or longer) you will be looking at under  £1.00 per day for the minerals – that is less than a cup of coffee from the well known chains….

I sincerely hope this will be of interest to you and / or someone you would like to help.

  • Reply to this or Call 07885 076 026 if you have any questions. If I am unavailable, I will return your call as soon as I can, or you can call 07930 916 310 & ask for Mike Finding on that number…


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