Traditional Cancer Causes. Do You Really Know Where Your Money Goes?

Beware of the pink ribbon scam !!

August 4 at 10:09am

If You’re Already Supporting Traditional Cancer Causes, Do You Really Know Where Your Money Goes?

Did you know that Breast Cancer Awareness Month was launched by Astra Zeneca, a pharmaceutical company that sells both cancer treatments and toxic, carcinogenic pesticides?

Sound like a possible conflict of interest? After all, the more women who “discover” they have breast cancer — even stage zero ductal carcinoma in situ, or DCIS — the more Astra Zeneca potentially profits.

More appropriately known as “Breast Cancer Industry Month,” October is the month when corporations make money selling pink ribbon products while trying to convince you they care. And they want you to donate your money — lots of it!

Beware of the pink ribbon scam !!

If you support activities that include “racing for the cure,” your donated funds end up in the fists of Susan G. Komen, or simply Komen. I have little doubt that Komen’s mammoth — and very lucrative — pink-washing campaign is a front for the U.S. cancer industry. Consider these disturbing facts about Komen:

  • Downplays links between breast cancer and environmental toxins, including well-known endocrine disruptors like BPA, phthalates and parabens (dismissing scientific study results as “conflicting and confusing”)
  • Does almost nothing to educate women about preventing breast cancer through diet and lifestyle — even failing to advise women to check their vitamin D levels!
  • Promotes the use of tamoxifen, which is listed as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization as it increases uterine and other cancer risk (and happens to be made by Astra Zeneca)
  • Encourages women to get mammograms even though breast cancer experts no longer recommend annual screening (General Electric, one of the largest mammogram machine manufacturers is Komen’s “Promise Circle” Partner — donating over $1 million to Komen annually)
  • All members of their scientific advisory board think cancer is a genetic disease based on their published articles. This fact alone can explain why this organization is not likely to reduce breast cancer incidence or significantly improve long-term survival

You also need to know that Komen pays its CEO and president in excess of a half million dollars each — exorbitant salaries for a public charity. For a charity than has an annual revenue of over $200 million, the actual percentage that goes to research appears to be dismally low. In 2016, Komen awarded 103 grants totaling $33 million — about 16.5 percent.

Over a third of the money went to treatment research (within the old paradigm) and another 23 percent went to “biology,” based on the belief that cancer is a genetic disease. The remainder went to early detection and diagnosis, survivor rates and outcomes, and contributing factors. Only 4 percent of grant money was dedicated to prevention!

Escape the Pink? You May Still Be in the Red !!

You’ve already blacklisted Komen? Good for you! That’s a great start. However, if you’re donating to any of these other cancer organizations on the 2017 “50 Worst Charities in America” list, you may also be throwing your money away:

Cancer Fund of America
American Breast Cancer Foundation
Breast Cancer Relief Foundation
Children’s Cancer Fund of America
Project Cure
National Cancer Coalition
Children’s Charity Fund
Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation
Woman to Woman Breast Cancer Foundation
Children’s Leukemia Research Association
United Breast Cancer Foundation
Hope Cancer Fund

The Tampa Bay Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting compiled this exhaustive list based on federal tax filings for the last 10 years. Many of these are professional, long-term operations that have used direct mail or telemarketers to solicit donations in excess of $1.35 billion (for the entire list of 50 charities).

Many so-called cancer charities pass on less than 10 percent of collected monies to actual victims or research!!

Shockingly, of that amount, $970 million went to the people collecting the money — not the victims who needed the help.

Less than 10 percent actually went to help individuals in need or for research. And just like with Komen, your donation supports research and therapies that reinforce the failures of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Make no mistake, all of these charities have been locked into this pattern for the last 20 to 30 years. Wouldn’t you rather direct your donation to support research that can offer real hope and a better way to manage cancer?

And wouldn’t you rather see 100 percent of your donation dollars applied to research for cancer therapies that might make a real difference in treatment and recovery and prevent millions from going through all the needless pain and suffering of the slash, burn and poison system?

If you really want to donate money to cancer research find an organisation that is researching methods to treat the ‘whole body’ and the disease as being ‘metabolic’.

Here are two sites to begin your research and discover the many thousands of people who have cured themselves of cancer using natural methods.

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