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Hello and I hope you’ve had a good week?

I am always pleased to hear testimonials for people who are using and getting a good result from using the Plant Derived Minerals we now have available.

Posted by Eric Cole on the group LinkedIn page. If you cannot access that the post is set out below:

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You Can Trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency

I just thought I would share this unsolicited testimonial from a guy who is now using Plant Derived Minerals (Sizzling Minerals). Those who don’t know the difference between plant and metallic minerals are seriously deficient in their education and should research.

“Star Pupil At The Surgery!” “I have just been to the GP (doctor) surgery for my annual diabetic review which, ever since I was diagnosed five years ago, has been an out-and-out disaster.

I knew things were well on the mend even a few weeks after taking the Sizzling Minerals and when I wrote my last testimonial, but WOW, WOWITY, WOW, WOW, WOW… I am “star pupil” at the surgery today.

Nurses I had never met before were called in to witness the improvement in my results:

  • Blood Sugar Count 5.6 – Normal,
  • Cholesterol 4.6 – Normal,
  • Liver Function Tests – Normal,
  • Rheumatism Factor – Normal,
  • Glaucoma Eye Pressures – Normal,
  • Blood Pressure (the constant bête noir) – NORMAL!!!…
  • Weight – Down 5kg – Normal… and so it went on!


ALL of them had to be shown the earlier results to prove the dramatic changes which had taken place. My GP (doctor) was congratulating me on the improvements… something I never thought I’d ever hear. My specialist nurse was saying what a pleasure it was to relay such results rather than being the normal doom and gloom and “must-do-better-or-you’ll-die” merchant she has to be normally.

I am 100% convinced all this has come about thanks to taking the Sizzling Minerals.

Thank you, one and all… I just want to go out and let EVERYBODY know how wonderful these health giving products are.”

Fergus, Middlesex

There are SO many of these testimonials coming out that it makes me glad to be able to send these out. It does mean that anyone who wishes to try the plant derived minerals can do so and that they may now at least know they are available for anyone who can see the potential benefits.

I was with our friend and mentor, Dr Rex Johnson yesterday. He said that in NO uncertain terms these minerals are the basis of allowing the body to have a chance to redress any imbalances and provide a possible way to increase the immune system functionality. Yes – it is true that most people will not really bother to look into this, but I am keen to pass on ANY helpful information that we receive.

When you see how many people have been ill and really poorly this winter, it seems to me that we all need to learn how to make the best of the natural ways to boost immune systems.

Please do find more testimonials in the attached pdf along with some other documents that you may find interesting.

One other point to make from questions we have received: Are the Plant Derived Minerals safe for use during pregnancy?

The question was asked of Head Office and the reply was:

Good afternoon xxxxx,

Its fine for them to take the Minerals. They are completely plant based, so totally

They can always just take half a wafer if they wish. But its fine.

Kind regards….

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Many thanks

Bye for now

Mike Finding

07885 076 026 :: 07930 916 310 (ask for Mike Finding)

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“I am a 63 year old and suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. Since taking Sizzling Minerals I thought that the good feelings I was experiencing were possible psychosomatic, as I had this kind of experience with other products.However after months of taking a wafer a day the MS symptoms are still there but I have never felt as healthy as I am right now.

I have stopped taking the prescribed medication and I am not missing it one bit.

I recommend that everyone should take a wafer a day”

Mike (not me…! I’m just a tad bit older than 63!)


At age 16 I had to undergo a major hip operation (Peri-Acetabular-Osteotomy) where by I was told it would take up to 3 months to be walking as normal.I started taking the minerals 3 months before the operation and I am absolutely certain that this is what has helped me get better so much quicker as I was walking unaided after only 6 weeks post op, and had stopped taking all of my prescribed medicine.

Another thing I have noticed is that my nails now grow a lot faster and are now incredibly strong.
Not only do the minerals taste great but since taking the minerals I have stopped craving fizzy drinks and feel that my general health has improved as I have more energy and feel fitter that I ever have!
I would recommend this product 100%.


I have suffered from plantar fascilitis for the last seven years. It has been so painful that on some occasions I have been unable to walk more than twenty yards.This has made me very depressed and totally out of condition.

Three weeks ago I started taking Sizzling Minerals. After three days I just could not believe how much better my foot was with hardly any pain making me able to walk a mile down to Lymington harbour have a coffee with my granddaughter and walk back up to my car.

Now I have been on the tablets for three weeks I am finding the change so exhilarating that I am determined to get into regular exercise again.

Thank you Sizzling Minerals.


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