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Fight Osteoporosis – The Silent Epidemic of the Century

Could it Be Osteoporosis? Now Check Out Our New Ebook Osteoporosis: The Silent Epidemic – Prevention Osteoporosis Infographics Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Good Health a Valuable Possession

Two Supplements This Doctor Says to Never Take

MOST people are NOT aware of this….. So, What Are The Two Supplements This Doctor Says to Never Take…? Dr. Thomas Levy discusses what he calls three toxic nutrients. He mentions two supplements that he says you should never take,…

Manage Your Weight

5 Surprising Factors That Make You Pack on Pounds

From #1: Antibiotics in Food and Medicine Compelling evidence suggests antibiotic overuse and obesity are intricately linked, although the reasons why didn’t become clear until we discovered how your microbiome influences your weight. Antibiotics can save your life if…


When You Drink A Coke This Is What Happens To Your Body In Just One Hour

Thanks to the Look Better Naked Blog for this. Featured Image: What you’re about to read may (hopefully) cause you to put down that soda in your hand when you see just what happens to your body in just…