BBC News Today: 18-10-17

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It occurred to me that the latest news is very serious for SO many people and I just wondered if you knew anyone who might be in a bit of a problem with income and possible issues with that?

From BBC News today:

“An estimated 4.1 million people are in financial difficulty owing to missed domestic or credit bills, a major study has found.

“These consumers – most likely to be aged between 25 and 34 – have failed to pay bills in three or more of the last six months.

“The findings come as part of a survey of 13,000 people by the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

“It suggests 25.6 million consumers could be vulnerable to financial harm.”

Can we just show a way that might just help you get passed this and to possibly avoid financial problems?

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I sincerely hope this will be of interest to you and / or someone you would like to help.

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