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Especially formulated for Neways, Protozymes (formerly named Advanced Probiotic) is achieving spectacular results for so many people who suffer with anything from arthritis to headaches, diabetes to thrush and even those wanting to lose weight.

High street yoghurt drink alternatives seem to offer the same benefit but just listen to the CD “The Secret Source of our Health and Wellbeing” by Chris Woollams the head of CancerActive and you will soon realise why having multiple strains of clinically tested bacteria delivered in high numbers straight to and gut makes so much sense.

“I am a Type 2 diabetic so dairy based drinks full of sugar are definitely out for me but Neways Protozymes has improved my sleep pattern, help lower my blood sugar readings and when coupled with sensible eating, make a huge difference to the weight loss I wanted to achieve. Over a million men in my age group discover they are diabetic, and the quicker they take this product alongside an effective plant mineral supplement and Omega 3 the better!”

Dr Natasha Campbell–McBride is the scientist behind Neways’ unique formulation and the delivery system that means so many more live bacteria reach their destination without being destroyed on their journey. As a customer, when you order from your distributor ask them for a copy of her CD which explains why Neways product works so well and answers many of the frequently asked questions such as “I am on long term medication, can I still take this?” or “How come my doctor hasn’t told me about this?”

No one questions why we need probiotics and no one using Neways seems to question its’ efficacy.

If you haven’t experienced the benefits of this amazing product then try a three month programme and see the difference for yourself.

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