A Strange Summer in more ways than just the weather

A Strange Summer in more ways than just the weather

Hello again – isn’t this summer weather a pain!

Ah well……we have to have what we’re given and look forward to a nice September!

This last few months has been a real “interesting” view of time passing and how different people deal with life as it happens to them…

We were told a few weeks ago about a long time friend who had died suddenly while out on his farm. Aged 71 he was a hands-on farm owner. The last time, a couple of months ago, I saw him in the distance was when he was using a knapsack sprayer on his back while his chaps were planting new hedgerows. He was a man who helped others, who had a huge following in the community and very well liked and respected. 1000 people in the overflow barn next to the full, small village church at the service would not be an over-estimate.

The second was another friend who took his own life – reasons we do not know… We used to work with him using photography and website work. He was a guy, our age, who we had known for many years from our early teens. He was a clever, funny and very intriguing character who had so many ideas and projects going on through his life. The eulogy given by his children was a superb, funny and sad “double act” – you could tell they loved and respected their dad.The music on coffin arrival and departure was excellent – right up my street as a rock drummer!!!!

Outside the church we met up with people of our age we have known and worked with at various times over many years from our teens on.

A Strange Summer in more ways than just the weather

One thing that threw me completely was how some had been in real health problems and their children of around forty years old had been seriously ill with conditions they accepted as “that’s just the way it goes”…

A father who has severe arthritis and some of his neck bones had been removed. I didn’t really get to talk to long to find out what was going on, but he seemed to accept that it was “a way of life”….or “something that was bound to happen”…?

We also found out that his son who is in his forties has had a heart attack, quadruple heart bypass surgery and has also got diabetes….

The real thing that we came away with was the “acceptance” and the real feeling that they had no knowledge, or desire to learn, that health issues can be helped by a lot of things that can be done by everyone for themselves and keep out of the doctor’s surgery….

BUT so many people do NOT seem to have any inclination of prevention and how they could help themselves…..

Many of you will have read of my original complete scepticism of health and wellness self help and it was my lady who listened!! Back 10+ years ago I was starting a business and going to early morning networking meetings. I did not take a lot of notice of the young lady talking about self help or personal health and it was only when she met my lady that things changed!

It was a known fact that dad (that would be me!!) was often asleep in front of the TV (much to the amusement of the children) and afternoons were a struggle to get through without a “quick knap”….

Only when I was shown what I was doing to myself did I get on track.. One thing was also very relevant – I had low bone density! I was on the way to osteoporosis and after a few months, and a few changes, my bone density was improved by 10%….

I have a downloadable free report on the Osteoporosis issue. Click here if you would like to have a read.

Just for info: 4 facts from some time ago and I would bet the figures are now worse.

  • Every 3 minutes someone has a fracture in the UK
  • People with Osteoporosis are getting younger
  • 1:3 women will get it and 1:12 men, it isn’t only women, but men are getting it now (as illustrated by my own experience). **1:12 is probably out of date now possibly nearer 1:6!
  • There are more deaths following a hip fracture than ovarian cancer

Do you know anyone who may be “under the weather”; anyone who might just want to try another way to feel better? Do YOU need a way to just start “Feeling Better”?

We have available a product that can and does help a LOT of people to just feel better if nowt else!

You need proof? Fair enough – read the testimonials on this link

NOW: Click here to watch a video – watch it all as it has a lot of free information that could start to help you and people you care about.

When done see the Doctor Says button on the site and listen to the doctor on there – it is quite an eyeopener….

Ah well – A Strange Summer in more ways than just the weather

Enough for now I think. Enjoy the rest of the summer and hope the weather improves!

Very best to you

Bye for now

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