A Practitioner’s View on Micro-Nutrients

Rex Johnson

Date: August Bank Holiday 2017

Hello and I hope you’re having an excellent Bank Holiday now the weather has started to be a bit better?!

I wasn’t going to send anything over the weekend, but I just had an email in from our friend and mentor – Dr Rex Johnson. It is – in my opinion – a superb overview of how proper use of micro-nutrients can help anyone who sees it.

So – I thought I would send it on – hope you don’t mind?

Some years ago we were very lucky to have been introduced to Dr Rex Johnson and his wife, Jeannie. They taught us SO much about how to stay well and improve our health…..naturally.

Dr Rex has kindly sent over his thoughts about minerals and what they can do.

Rex Says:

Here is my view on minerals and micro-nutrients but I will first give a brief biography of myself.

I have been in practice for over 40 years. I originally qualified in South Africa in Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, osteopathy and medical herbalism I originally ran the largest holistic health practice in South Africa treating around 40 patients a day before coming to live in the UK. I have been practising in the UK for over 27 years.

Sadly it was only when I came to practise in the UK that I learned about the vital importance of minerals in our health.

When I first met my wife she had come to see me as a patient. She had been ill with ME and fibromyalgia for more than 10 years. She had been on a healthy life style all her life so all I could do was put her on minerals and a few other micro nutrints and although it took over six months she was eventually completely cured. Along the way we fell in love and eventually got married.

We were both convinced that these minerals had played a major part in curing her.

I have now been using minerals as a basic part of my practice and have achieved great success in previously incurable cases. Since I have been using the plant derived minerals I have achieved even better results.

I find the new formula of minerals and trace elements together with 200 milligrams of magnesium to be even better.

It has long been realised the important part magnesium plays in a whole range of symptoms and just how scarce it is in our food.

I personally recommend that all my patients take these minerals on a regular basis ideally together with vitamin D3 and curcumin. Among other things the minerals do three things, they alkalise the body, they boost the immune system and they play an important part in the absorption of other nutrients.

I firmly believe that every practitioner of whatever persuasion should put their patients on plant derived minerals before doing anything else.

Best wishes,

Dr Rex Johnson.

Ok – I think that’s enough from me! You will probably have other things to think about this weekend!

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Just a thought!

Very best to you and have an excellent Bank Holiday! I will not disturb you again this weekend!

Bye for now

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