Keep the blood sugar and energy levels up!

A great breakfast to keep the blood sugar and energy levels up, in the morning!

How often do you get an energy slump in the morning??

Have you ever watched people in the paper shop early every morning – men off out for a day “on the tools” picking up a bag of crisps, a choc bar and a “high energy” caffeine drink (maybe of a red bovine nature in the name??)…not to mention the cigarettes as well…..!!

What else – youngsters off to school and picking up choc bars and fizzy drinks….. It’s quite astonishing how people have NO idea how to feed and nourish a body! Obesity?? I wonder whatever helps THAT to happen!!

Goats Yoghurt, St Helens Farm
Goats Yoghurt, St Helens Farm

We found an excellent breakfast in a Patrick Holford book – I’m ashamed to say that I can’t remember which one though. Anyway – we tried this recipe and it works!! Energy levels stay well up all morning and well into the afternoon!!

Our breakfast has morphed slightly with the addition of honey & coconut, but the fact remains that energy stays up well….

Amounts can be adjusted to suit taste

As originally spotted in a Patrick Holford Book




3 dessertspoons

Goats plain yoghurt

Much easier to digest than cow’s yoghurt. Dairy can be mucus forming, may also contain hormones and additives. Proteins in goat yoghurt more similar to human milk

We get the yoghurt from the supermarket – St Helens Farm Goats Yoghurt…

1 teaspoon


Very good for keeping you ‘regular’. Also good for digestive tract

1 teaspoon

Porridge oats (dry)

Good for keeping blood sugar levels even

1 teaspoon

Pumpkin seeds

Iron, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, etc

1 teaspoon

Sunflower seeds

Iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium

1 teaspoon

Pine Nuts

Nice! Postassium, magnesium

1 teaspoon

Dessicated coconut

Nice! V. good for you. (No other reason!)

1 chopped banana

Potassium, bulk, B6, Vit C & Vit A


Dried Fruit

A nice added flavour and chewy texture

1 teaspoon


Added flavour – NOT too much

1-2 teaspoons

Breakfast Nut mix

Great addition with fruit and nuts get from your supermarket or, better still, your local Farm Shop

We have recently started to use organic porridge and Rice Dream Original Organic milk (non-dairy milk) instead of the Goats Yoghurt. This is a most excellent replacement for the colder mornings!

Our Version of a Healthier Energy Breakfast

Some goat’s yoghurt, some meaning amount that you would like. Goats yoghurt is kinder to your system than dairy. Less “mucous-y” and easier to digest.

However it is quite expensive and so we changed to porridge from a health food shop – organic if possible.

For two we use: 14 fl oz of rice milk and just under 2 oz porridge. Use the smaller flaked porridge; the large flakes don’t work as well for porridge. Heat to the boil; giving a good stir.

For each person add:

  • 1 teaspoon (or as much or as little as you want) linseed – to keep you going
  • 1 teaspoon Pumpkin seeds
  • 1 teaspoon Sunflower seeds
  • 1 teaspoon Pine Nuts
  • 1 teaspoon Dried coconut
  • 1 teaspoon walnut pieces or any nuts
  • Some raisins or currants

Then add:

  • ½ banana each
  • 1 teaspoon honey

Obviously the seeds carry lots of nutrients and oils, some are just nice to eat!

This breakfast is warming and will keep you going for most of the morning.


Sizzling Minerals, Krill Oil Capsules from Simply Naturals

Supplements that work! We use these on a regular daily basis and they have been instrumental in staying clear of cold, flu and just staving off the usual winter bugs. We may feel them trying come in on us and feel a little “out of top sorts”, but that seems as far as it goes….usually!

  • Sizzling Minerals Details: Here (new window or tab)

An article in the Mail Online was brought to our attention that prompted me to set this post out

Doing yoga. The wrong mix of brain chemicals. Even listening to pop: Forty reasons your diet ISN’T working… By Peta Bee

Why is it that your diet and exercise regimens never seem to work?

Possibly you’re unwittingly undoing your best efforts.

Last week, the British Nutrition Foundation identified more than 100 different factors that influence our weight.

However, many of the tips they offered — such as eating smaller portions and not relying on ready-made foods that are high in calories and fat — are fairly obvious.

Here, we list the other, more surprising habits that are sabotaging your weight- loss regimen…
Look again at your shopping trolley

  1. Eating cereal for breakfast. A U.S. study found breakfast cereal sweetened with sugar left overweight participants hungry before lunchtime, and they consumed more calories a day than those given an egg for breakfast (the protein kept them full). Egg eaters also had significantly lower levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite.

Read more Here


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