A “Funny Thing Happened….”

Hello and I hope all well with you.

This last month has been an eye-opener! A totally different “way of life” and a result that seems to indicate that what we do is very helpful to staying well.

So what is the “different way of life”?!

You may have read the previous newsletter about the UK wide show I am involved with.

At times this involves a long weekend travelling to theatres all over the UK and I get to ride in a wagon with up to 6 other people.

One such weekend I went to the rendezvous and two of the good folks were really poorly with very heavy colds etc – I thought “Eh up – this could be interesting!”

The weekend passed off with a resounding success for the show but on the journey home, two others aboard the bus were feeling under the weather…..

The following weekend I learnt that everyone in the bus from that first weekend had gone down hard with a severe cold / flu type symptoms and some sickness. It turned out also that some of the show members who didn’t even travel in our vehicle went down for a week plus as they were not totally right on the second weekend.

Me? I never felt a thing………..I was surprised, but then thought – “Hold on, what we do must be helping…Isn’t it?”

This weekend just gone, after two very well received shows, two members in the bus were feeling ‘under the weather’ and one of them said “I don’t know what is going on, we take as many vitamins as we can and eat healthily”

That rang a bell in my head when I recalled a statement we had read and learned quite some time ago:

“Vitamins will NOT work if you don’t have a proper plant derived mineral intake.”

So – what do we do that has helped to steer me clear of the bugs and nasties, up to now, that we can all be subject to?

We take a plant derived mineral supplement soluble tablet and that is mixed with a fizzy vitamin soluble tablet and these are taken last thing every evening (that seems the most convenient time to us – there is no set time to take these.)

We also take the Krill capsules and Vitamin C – these ALL come from the one supplier – Simply Naturalstm

Please download and read the Free Report that you should have got on signing up for the newsletters – it is a very helpful document.

An audio: Doctor Says is also well worth a listen. Click here to set that in a new web browser

Buy your minerals and other supplements here

Hope that may be of interest to you!!

Have a great week!

Bye for now

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