A Couple of Excellent Sizzling Thoughts

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It must be around 20+ months that we started using Plant Derived Minerals. What? Uh – what are those?

Well, they are a mineral supplement that replaced one we used to use. There are reasons I don’t need to go into – if you REALLY want to know – get in touch!

A few months passed and we just wondered if they worked. We kept using them and we suddenly realised that we were just “feeling good”! Sounds a bit strange maybe – why wouldn’t we? Well, we let that go and continued.

A Couple of Excellent Sizzling Testimonials
Mojo – Stone-Cold Players

Some weeks later I realised that after playing a 3 gig weekend with the band Mojo – Stone Cold Players my arms did not hurt! Why would they – well, as drummer, at the time, in this energetic rock, reggae, rock and roll outfit I would get painful wrists and arms after said 3 gig session – the last one that week did NOT have the painful results and this continues to be the case!

We are both in our mid-60s and pretty active and we use the Sizzling Plant Derived Minerals

Plant based is the critical thing here because the body can absorb all the minerals not just a small percentage as absorbed using metallic “high street” minerals (10 – 20% if you’re lucky)

There is a video that explains all on this link. I urge you to watch it and see what we have learnt. It could help you and people you know to improve health in a big way. You need to be aware that I am obviously not allowed to make claims, nor do Simply Naturals – just try these Plant Derived Minerals for a good 9 to 12 months and see what can happen.

Now see a Couple of Excellent Sizzling Testimonials

 I have been inflicted with degenerative arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and bone spurs in my feet, making it very difficult to hike, work at my business of catering or anything else that requires being on my feet. Now Tammy my partner/daughter in the catering business has been diagnosed with extreme plantar fasciitis in her feet, which the doctor is talking about an operation. After taking Sizzling minerals for the past 6 weeks I can now go for hikes and continue with the long hours that catering requires. My daughter Tammy took 2 of the sizzling minerals per day for about 7 days and already has noticed a huge difference. We are both convinced that the improvements are due to the Plant Derived Minerals.

Take care,

Hello Ileana,

Lovely to hear from you. Yes on my second supply of the minerals now, I have not had the dull ache in my ankles since I first started taking the minerals and am sleeping through the night without being woken but the pain in my ankles.
Amazing! I must admit I do not feel complete until I have had my daily dose. You know the plain minerals are not bad at all. The first day I thought the non flavour a bit odd but now I quite like the taste.

Keep sending them I am in for the long haul. I have been doing lots of gardening and I am sure they have given me a lot more energy. I notice it at my keep fit lessons, before I had the minerals I was unable to jump on my ankles as they were so tender. Last week I was jumping to the music and I made a mental note to myself that I had been unable to do that before.

I am grateful to you and all your support.
Thank you Ileana, do hope you are well.
Kind regards A xxx

Proper Body Mineralisation is KEY to Good Health

Listen to the Dr. Bender Audio – “Doctor Says” Here about Sub Clinical Disease

Have a listen to what a real medical doctor from the States says

Without These Prehistoric Elements Is Optimum Health Impossible?

Please do just take a while to watch the video linked out on the button below and get in touch, maybe even pass it on to someone you know who would like to see this….

Very best to you and have a most excellent autumn season!

Bye for now

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