An Aortic Aneurysm. How Prevention Worked!

Hello again and I hope you find the story of How Prevention Worked in here of interest.

I have an apology to make as I got a few points slightly wrong in my recent newsletter.The principal situation is near enough, but the condition that Peter had was an Aortic aneurysm, NOT brain. The potential effect is pretty much the same – the demise of the sufferer. Also just a bit of further information – Peter was in his late teens and was working at the airline with real ambitions to become a pilot.

My apologies for the oversight there, but the principal outcome of the aneurysm could have been the same.

I recently sent a note out to you just in case you were able, and interested, to check out the Simply Naturals teams, the products, the business and local area leaders. We went to Wimborne on Wednesday 10th September and met up with our own friends Dr Rex and Jeannie Johnson who set the meeting up at Merley House, Wimborne. It was a delight to meet up with them again after quite a few years. Other people started to arrive and quite a number we knew from a while ago!

The Simply Naturals team also arrived – Peter Willoughby CEO, Eric Cole – Executive Chairman, David Evans – Technical Operations Officer.

John E Overdijking, Team Leader of Global Wealth Group, from Glasgow had flown down to take the meeting and gave a great overview of the Sizzling Minerals product, the business and what it can all do for people who want to learn more.

Rex gave a superb talk (as he always has) about his experiences as a holistic health practitioner and using the Simply Naturals minerals. He also gave a great overview of how we are generally all overfed but seriously undernourished leading to huge increases in disease and poor general health.

He also mentioned a few pointers how people who want to can make a difference for themselves and their families.

Peter Willoughby then gave a talk that frankly had the room spellbound.

His story of how the Simply Naturals company started was nothing short of miraculous! I realise that sounds a tad over the top.

But a man who gets hit off of his motorbike while on the way home from the day job as an airline pilot by a lorry driven by a drunk driver and survives is one thing. Peter was driven in to by a lorry, he crashed through the windscreen as well as the cab rear window. He landed on the lorry trailer and fell off the back. The lorry driver drove backwards to see what he had hit, rolling over Peter. Not seeing anything he drove forward again…..right over Peter a second time.

What kind of condition was Peter in? Well, we can ONLY guess, but his right arm and spine were the only unbroken parts and he knew nothing til quite a long time after this all happened.

His description of the massive amount of time spent in hospital and subsequent recovery was very modest, but powerful stuff. He then discovered that another condition that struck a while later could have killed or disabled him and the medical teams could not understand HOW he was still alive!

It will be wrong of me to try to tell the whole story. There is a lot more to it. There is also a new filmed interview in the process of production to be available soon, I was later told.

See the Simply Story video interview here. (19-5-15)

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

It does turn out though that Peter is certain that he survived the last condition that would have killed most people, due to the fact that he had been researching and using a particular plant mineral supplement. This supplement had made the whole arterial system in his body so clean, elastic and strong that the potential “blow-out” of a very large aortic aneurysm (**?) did not happen as it would normally have done.

The medical team could not really understand how this had worked!

That description does NOT do justice to a story of a massive critical event that would have killed a lesser conditioned person, male OR female.

The whole evening has convinced us that our involvement with the Simply Naturals company is one of the best things to have come our way.

The fact that we are now able to help people to discover their own results by using the same mineral supplements that Peter was using, is a really exciting thing to be doing. I know we have people receiving this email, as you are, who are using these minerals and have said they are already seeing results at varying levels; same as we have – maybe you are one such. I would really like to think so.

As soon as I get notification of the new interview with Peter I will pass it on. In the meantime the links below will lead you to areas to see more information about the last few local meeting through the rest of this month. There are also the links to see the details and testimonials for the Sizzling Minerals as well as how you too could be rewarded for helping others to potentially gain better health.

All this in one place!! I hope you find it of interest and we will be pleased to help you in any way we can with this.

Bye for now

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